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The Web is definitely an amazing and endless resource of intriguing and helpful details about the planet we reside in and also the stuff we like.

You’ll find a variety of great internet sites and content that’s truly inspiring and mind-blowing.

And also the Internet has another side: crazy, crazy or apparently useless sites. Many make nothing, but it is not the purpose. Creativeness is.

Still, ideas, regardless of how absurd, can result in a large pay day. Did you ever hear of Icanhascheezburger.com? So, experimenting can unintentionally cause you to wealthy.

Isn’t it time in my top ten listing of strange internet sites? These are.


You’re getting old

You’re getting old

This website could make you feel old, but, around the vibrant side, you’ll learn just how old. I’m as old as Nicki Minaj and Came Barrymore’s daughter combined! What about you?

Make everything OK

Sorry to make you are feeling old and depressed. Don’t you want everything was OK? Well, there’s an internet site for your. Push a control button and all sorts of your worries will appear reduced.


The best place on the web

The best place on the web

The make everything OK button didn’t have the desired effect? Visit the best place on the web. There you’ll be uncovered to soft, comforting music along with a slew of individuals providing you with hugs, smiles and suggesting everything will probably be okay.


Many times you think about: What’s the purpose of doing a? This website won’t offer you a solution, but it’ll look for a photo having a person pointing exactly at the cursor. Although completely useless, it’s, well, it’s just useless.




Useless is a factor, but where’s the weirdness? Here you go. Come up with feeling of its many small-games and bizarro audio-visuals.


This website can help you notice a perpetual falling sensation, both visual and auditory. Hallucinogenic drugs not incorporated. Earphones suggested.


Staggering beauty

Staggering beauty

Wiggle a button and revel in a psychedelic light show. Warning: I guess this might trigger epileptic seizures — visit at the own risk.

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10 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!