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25. po.ta.to

Yes, surprisingly, this site really exists and it is essentially just a picture of the potato, is that not brilliant?

24. reddit.com/r/ooer

Unlike many subreddits you might even see on Reddit, this really is through the far the weirdest one you’ll ever see!

23. procatinator.com

This site have a random gif of the cat and plays an audio lesson to choose it, how great! You may also donate money to them…

22. emergencyyodel.com

If you are ever in dire will need a yodel, this is actually the best spot to visit I guess!

21. tholman.com/texter/

This site brings studying and fun into one big awesome strange… thingy… I really hope you’ll appreciate it!


So we’re in to the top 20 to date, without further a do, let’s continue!

20. omglasergunspewpewpew.com

Warning, this site contains guns, lasers and lots of “pew pew pew”‘s

19. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com

This site is solely focused on Arnold Sailormoonegger, what is?

18. instantcosby.com

If you are ever looking for Bill Cosby’s wonderful face, this site is unquestionably the area to go to!

17. heyokay.com

Hey! Okay?

16. hristu.internet

The very best website within the whole world, well, and not the best, I am talking about we have like 15 more to go…


Okay, we’re in to the top 15! Meaning the main can come soon! Have you ever checked any sites out yet?

15. nooooooooooooooo.com

If you are ever sad or lower, maybe you’ve lost somebody, I reccomend you to visit this site and press that button

14. heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa.com

He-man sings “What’s Up” forever, you’re destined to be pretty entertained with this one!

13. corgiorgy.com

I know the queen would love this particular since she loves corgi’s

12. omfgdogs.com

Much more dogs, other people believe that dogs are simply so jealous of nyan cat?

11. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.com

Should you not wish to be la la la’ing a tune all day long lengthy, I would recommend not hitting the hyperlink above!


Okay, we’re within the top! It’s time to discover the main!

10. fallingfalling.com

This is exactly what occurs when the web journeys out!

9. zombo.com

Here’s that old classic, zombo.com! Initially made like a parody of flash websites that take ages to load. Watch for it to load though!

8. thenicestplaceontheinter.internet

Should you ever require a cuddle, there are numerous people here that will relative to, hmm… just weird!

7. thequietplaceproject.com

This can be a website particularly designed to provide you with a web-based massage, I am not even kidding!

6. essaytyper.com

Initially, it appears just like a normal text document writing factor, until it writes an essay on anything for you personally!


So we’re at number 5! Not lengthy to visit until number 1 now! Let’s carry on…

5. nyan.cat

And here you go! This person required nyan cat making an entire awesome website about how lengthy you can test and survive it!

4. eelslap.com

Probably the most fun by having an eel you’ll have

3. zoomquilt.org

An infinitely zooming image. Enables you to feel weird but very relaxed…

2. pointerpointer.com

Put your mouse pointer somewhere on screen. It’ll load after which someone points directly for the cursor, it’s freaky, because it’s right each time!

Before we reveal the main, let’s undergo some runner up’s!


Probably the most ragey sites ever!


Well, the only method to describe this is… leekspin!


Jim Carrey has their own website? What is? Oh God that’s weird…


Need taking to some useless website? Well, this really is perfect!

Well, it’s time to get at the main!


1. anasomnia.com

You might be excpecting a jumpscare but take it easy, there isn’t one. This site continues to be very creepy though. Provide use of your webcam and microphone watching what goes on whenever you switch off the lights!

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