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<div style='margin-left:25px;1. Could It Be Christmas?
Could it be Christmas?
This site informs you if it is Christmas or otherwise. Eventually annually, the web site states “YES”, every second day, it states “NO”.

2. Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever?
is nickelback the worst band ever?
Because you’ll need a web site to answer this for you… On this web site the reply is yet to alter. Bad should you disagree, I guess, because everyone knows that everything on the web is most certainly true. Always.

3. Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?
Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?
Wondering if Margaret Thatcher continues to be alive and kicking? Your search is over! This site has got the answer! That one might be in bad taste, but it’s still just like pointless because the rest.

4. The Special Moment Button – Make Everything Ok
The special moment button – Make Everything OK
Bless whomever made page. Just…bless you.

5. The Truly Big Button That Does Not Do Anything Whatsoever
The Truly Big Button That Does not Do Anything Whatsoever

6. The Dots
the dots – thepointless.com
These dots do nothing. Really.
It can be useless, it can be not. Should you ask me on the Monday…

7. Timeline
Most amazing site ever. It informs the time, lower towards the second, the date, and just what day it’s.

8. Kim Jong-Il Searching At Things
kim jong-il searching at things
How come this website exist? I truly have no idea. But someone put a tad too much effort in it, then one informs me they’re likely to be not having enough legit content soon. Cause the photoshopping.

9. Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea?
Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea?
My sources let me know this page stated no for any very lengthy time. But, no more. Wondering how lengthy it required? Take it easy. This website solutions that question too.

10. Instant Rimshot
Thanks for visiting Instant Rimshot
Have you simply make a very funny joke? Want a seem effect to point precisely how funny your joke was? Problem solved. Just don’t do things i did and also have the volume in your earphones up really loud whenever you press the enormous red button.

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Jake Pensola: I sometimes wish I was deaf

SoccerBloxYT: When PhotoShop ruins your mind.

Hayzy Horses: At least they tried with the clock,though they could have moved it

J Wilford: I made it to 2 minutes… this dude is annoying af

Monsters For Life: 40-41-42 Cracks me up every single time i cant stop laughing on the floor

AnonymousBanana: The amount of dad jokes in this… 57 to be exact.

subscriber 123 special: the third little pig must live here HAHAHAHA

Skyfire B.: Its just the ones with the stairs makes me shooketh.

Jessica Taylor: Great video, so funny 🙂 Thanks for going through them quickly too with upbeat commentary over the top instead of drawn out :)

abkkddd: how can u built a bridge so wrong