5 Best most useless websites, based on teens

Think you’re surfing the net using the awesome kids? If a number of your favorite sites is out there below, you’re most likely not.

Research brought by Startup Niche surveyed the teens on their media habits, and also the findings shed an easy around the tech firms that possess the attention of tomorrow’s savvy users. It’s no surprise the survey discovered that Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat still lead adoption and daily use. But a lot of our favorite websites aren’t popular among teens.

Listed here are the very best sites high school students are not having to pay an excessive amount of focus on:

1. Mashable: Pete Cashmore might have the romance of Irritated Cat and Millennials, but teens aren’t getting it. 96% percent of teens surveyed stated it normally won’t make use of the site.

2. Gawker: Considered to be probably the most visible and effective news and entertainment blogs, Gawker’s has yet to seize the interest of high schoolers searching to procrastinate online. 96% of individuals interviewed stated it normally won’t make use of the site.

3. BuzzFeed: Your preferred source for random trending lists, and insightful quizzes like Which Hollywood Actress Would Play You? (Meryl Streep in situation you’re wondering) isn’t popular among teenagers. 73% stated it normally won’t make use of the site. How can tomorrow’s leader’s discover which U.S President They’re? (Bill Clinton if you are still interested).

4. Reddit: 84% of individuals surveyed didn’t read the community driven news website.

5. Huffington Publish: The popular the news aggregator and blog site seemed to be really low in readably among teens. 69% of teens don’t make use of the site.

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For Niche’s full report and findings, click the link.

Resourse: https://tech.co/