50 websites down the sink your time and effort on


1. Discover the Invisible Cow

An Online form of the hiding game Cold and hot.

2. The Useless Web

Generates much more useless sites down the sink your time and effort.

3. Hacker Typer

Hollywood-style hacker code. Pound in your keys and panic your manager.

4. Boohbah Zone

No words can describe this strange site.

5. Staggering Beauty

Result in the earthworm dance together with your mouse. (Warning: Flashing images.)

6. Bees Bees Bees

This website reveals Oprah’s secret plans.

7. Shady URL

Changes URLs to appear like infections.

8. Don’t Even Reply

An accumulation of emails from awful people.

9. Shut Up and Take My Money

A shopping website of stuff you do not need, but you want.

10. Ducks are the most useful

Since they’re. (Warning: Flashing images.)

11. A Stretchy Hands

An electronic form of your preferred vending-machine toy from childhood.



Resourse: http://mashable.com/2014/05/02/websites-to-waste-time/

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