66 weird & useless websites you will not believe really exists

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useless websites

You’re always looking for websites that are just designed to provide quality entertainment but finish track of the so common twitter and facebook? Sometimes, the funny memes and fascinating tweets also cost you at the couch without any fun whatsoever.

If you’re in the same routine work job, you’ll certainly feel lower we have spent for hrs. Perhaps a 10-minute break can fill the space? To chop off your monotony, we’ve introduced an incredible amount of some pointless funny websites. Yes, useless websites. But, I assure you’ll have plenty of fun going to the sites.

More often than not people spend numerous hrs on facebook and refreshing the page to obtain some interesting image, news or possibly an animated viral publish. It’s all same every single day. You certainly need some thing interesting when compared to a publish that you could tell your buddies. Following useless websites will help you waste your time and effort to kill monotony and allow you to enjoy inside a different manner.

Believe me, you’ll have a very good laugh. Every site comes with an interesting element to captivate your interest without prominent reason. Well, you are able to thank me later for that good pointless sites collection. It really works recommended that you only need something unique but amusing. These groundless sites might be useless for you but could make you laugh a minimum of.

We’ve produced an enjoyable listing of some pointless or useless websites which will give you discomfort in stomach.

From Snowman towards the last page from the internet, you’ll enjoy. Incidentally, couple of websites are pretty awful and funny. Why do you not share these useless websites and annoy your buddies with this particular?

1. mostexclusivewebsite.com

exclusive website

This is actually the first canidate within our listing of useless websites. An internet site so exclusive, just one customer previously. A great web site to waste or kill your time and effort.

2. theworldsworstwebsiteever.com

A complete awful web site, winning the title for that world’s worst website ever. It’ll completely explain ‘the dreadful website design to freak out’

3. wikipeetia.org


Not only a incorrectly spelled encyclopedia, however a creative hidden search directory for the mistakenly typed words.

4. papertoilet.com

Have fun with a rest room paper roll.

5. heeeeeeeey.com


Not only a simple HEY, it’s a HEEEY HOOO website to take a look at.

6. Iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples

Simply not an apple, however a FAT lady reveals the hidden tactics to swirl.

7. thatsthefinger.com

the finger

Show him! Sturdy finger, though. Among the best pointless websites.

8. ismycomputeron.com

A Large YES! An odd website.

9. purple.com

About crimson.

10. watching-grass-grow.com

Watch like a lawn’s grass grows. Exciting! It truly does and also to your surprise, experience music will refresh the moods.

11. pleaselike.com

It is going using the domain. An easy facebook like request.

12. thebestdinosaur.com

One dinosaur surpasses all the others.

13. iamawesome.com

pointless website

It is true! No words absolutely nothing to increase the flair, it’s well made the decision that i’m AWESOME.

14. tencents.info

Shout out! It’s revealed.

15. fallingfalling.com

Things are falling lower, falling lower.

16. omfgdogs.com


Are you currently behind dogs or dogs behind you? Let’s decipher it. The worst pointless websites.

17. Staggeringbeauty.com

Mind-boggling web site to shake a decision

18. Donothingfor2minutes.com

Do nothing at all for 2 minutes. The counter will reset should you move your mouse.

19. Koalastothemax.com

Reveal the minor! Hover towards the maximum.

20. Yyyyyy.info

A juggle to shuffle. Are you able to solve the mystery? Maybe, a frightening one.

21. Sanger.dk

Wiping off completely!

22. Zombo.com

Displays Zombo, however a colorful Zombi.

23. Larrycarlson

Alter nature.

24. fallingguy.com

Save me Please! Is either Up or Lower?

25. trypap.com

One smile at any given time. Uncover the Aggressive Password Finder.

26. republiquedesmangues.fr

Ask me something? I’m a sparkling and annoying Mango Guru to embellish you up.

27. cant-not-tweet-this.com

But, it tweets!

28. ducksarethebest.com

Quack, Quack. What about a duckpage?Interesting! Ducts are the most useful.

29. partridgegetslucky.com

Holding Guitar? Stick to the moves.

30. rrrgggbbb.com


Among the finest useless websites. That’s Whole R G B. See clearly? Now notice.

31. grandpanoclothes.com

A muscular Granpa, without any CLOTHES? Our great candidate in listing of weird websites.

32. everydayim.com

Just super busy using the color throughout.

33. haneke.internet

Connecting Networking! Drop and Collect. The ball ball machine site explains the important procedure for a company.

34. beesbeesbees.com

Scream Louder! BEEEEEEEEEES.

35. r33b.internet

With the eyes from the Hypno-toad.

36. ninjaflex.com


Your muscle mass can provide a difficult battle to your 6.2 inchs body.

37. hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com

Not a chance! Not. A row of stupid evil-eyed men waiting..

38. ihasabucket.com

yes! I’ve got a bucket. This bucket is associated with me. I won’t let so that it is stealed, EASILY.

39. ringingtelephone.com

Someone is on Phone. HELLO! HELLO!

40. pointerpointer.com


Point your pointer and wait. What happen next will take your breath away. This is actually the among the best pointless websites based on us.

41. corndogoncorndog.com

One corn dog with another corn dog? Oops, having a sauce.

42. taghua.com

It is going greater, greater and wider.

43. imaninja.com

An empty screen depicts the storyline.

44. muchbetterthanthis.com

Let’s come close enough! Had you been searching for KISSMETRIICS?

45. ouaismaisbon.ch

Express it louder. Yes, More louder?

46. crouton.internet

Love croutons?

47. corgiorgy.com

ORGY’S party in the home!

48. unicodesnowmanforyou.com

Love Snowman? Here’s one that plays.

49. intotime.com

One reveals another. Go deep in to the frames to locate secrets.

50. salmonofcapistrano.com

Just a lot of ads.

51. www.persistence-is-a-virtue.org

Restrain. An evaluation to determine the persistence. Visit only, if you’ve endurance.

52. whitetrash.nl

A personality of your choice. Take the skill of creativeness one stage further.

53. www.theendofreason.com

It’s only the finish from the story. Move perfect.

54. minecraftstal.com

A legendary flute solo.

55. leekspin.com

Something won’t understand. Jeeze, it’s way fast.

56. electricboogiewoogie.com

Allow it to be blue, yellow or red. A boogie woogie you cannot achieve at.

57. nelson-haha.com

haha nelson


58. secretsfornicotine.com

Slowly move the secret 3D wherever you would like. It swirls every way. Check out!

59. pixelsfighting.com

Who first reaches towards the finish point? It’s a match!

60. biglongnow.com

Open infinite doorways.

61. baconsizzling.com

Sizzling hot! Bacons are simply going to get offered. Remove the plates!

62. dogs.are.the.most.moe

This is one way to complete rock n roll. Stop me, if you’re able to!

63. make-everything-ok.com


Only a tab to find out if ‘everything is OKAAAY’. Otherwise, time for you to assess the settings of perception. Really?

64. isitchristmas.com

Prepared to surprise your buddies using the gifts? First, Check whether Could it be Christmas. A fast response reveals the solution.

65. sillytwitterbio.com

Thanks hands sanitizer for letting me know I’ve got a decline in my hands!

Produce a silly twitter bio for amusement. It’s fun!

66. 1112.internet/lastpage.html

useless websites

The final one out of our assortment of useless and pointless websites.

You’ve arrived at the last page from the internet. Time for you to belief and Turn Off your pc. Go outdoors!

Hopefully you enjoyed visiting these pointless or useless websites. Share this publish together with your buddies to possess fun together.

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