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FEATURE — Practically everybody includes a computer and access to the internet today. Helpful and fun websites are enjoyable to uncover and spread. That’s what this is about.

Helpful Website

Ninite for Home windows 10, 8.x, 7 and XP SP3

Ninite website front page. Accessed Sept. 24, 2016  St. George NewsNinite website first page. Utilized Sept. 24, 2016 St. George News

Ninite might not solve all of your problems. But it will make computer existence a lot easier for you personally. Lots of free software application awaits you on this website – all there to take. Look into the boxes from the software you want to download and click on Get Installer. Ninite will instantly figure out what form of the program you’ll need, and do the installation for you personally.

Here’s the feature of Ninite: It states “no” to toolbars, junk programs, alternatives. It really does that which you most likely would to begin with, namely install inside a default location while telling this program that, no, you don’t desire to install the all-new WhizBang toolbar and also the new StealYourInfo browser. It’s easy and it really works.

Updates are pretty straight forward too. Rerun the installer and it’ll download increase the most recent version.

Suggested programs around on Ninite:

  • Chrome internet browser. Still the very best.
  • Google Earth. Fascinating consider the world we reside in. Take virtual journeys all over the world.
  • Thunderbird E-mail client. Lightweight, replaces Outlook and Home windows Live Mail.
  • Revo Uninstaller – uninstalls programs clean, doesn’t leave residuals behind.
  • IrfanView – a light-weight photography program. Less effective as Illustrator, and can do the majority of what an average joe really wants to accomplish.
  • LibreOffice – a workplace suite similar to the Microsoft products – but free. It’ll read and save in Microsoft formats, too.
  • Malwarebytes – This is essential. Cleans adware and spyware off your machine.

Fun Website


Pogo website front page. Accessed Sept. 24, 2016  St. George NewsPogo website first page. Utilized Sept. 24, 2016 St. George News

Pogo has existed for a long time. It’s still among the best game websites available.

You are able to subscribe for $40 each year and revel in ad-free gaming and exclusive games only accessible to subscribers, or take part in the free games watching ads between your games. Your decision. In either case, the games are very well done and fun.

Selected games on Pogo:

  • Aces Up
  • Tri-Peaks Solitaire
  • Pogo Bowl
  • First Class Solitaire
  • Word Whomp
  • Tumble Bees

Useless Website

The Pointer

That one is tough to explain. Hold your mouse pointer at various places within the box, and … well, you will see. Totally useless and interesting. The number of pictures has this person place in there?