Huh? 10 fun, useless websites! « 98.7 amp radio – more hit music every hour

Huh? 10 fun, useless websites! « 98.7 amp radio – more hit music every hour existence was like


Are you able to remember what existence was like prior to the Internet? Regrettably, I'm able to. You really needed to go places to obtain things done for example shopping or visiting the bank, and discover places by yourself utilizing a giant map you could never refold correctly. To determine what lengths technologies have come is almost humorous. But because helpful as the web is, there’s still plenty happening online that fails to deliver of game-altering, and never much closer towards helpful. Here is a listing of ten websites which have no ultimate goal: websites which make you go…’huh’?

1. Llama Font: Express it in llama

This can be a simple, elegant website produced by Avery Oldfield, a skill director, and Jack Inscoe, an innovative technologist. Llama Font does one factor: it transforms your text right into a llama-style font. Little Llama’s that shape their body’s to appear like letters. Seriously, that’s it. ”Helvetica is cold. Express it in llama.”

2. Do nothing at all for just two Minutes: Relax, and pay attention to the waves

Do Nothing At All for just two Minutes is an internet site that challenges you to definitely do literally nothing for just two minutes. Should you nevertheless almost as much ast move your mouse, you fail at not doing anything for 2 minutes. Proceed, try to pass. Difficult to do.

3. Tetris 1D: It’s like Tetris meets persistence

Tetris 1D is about as pointless like a website will get. It’s a Flash game involving the one you love Tetris, re-imagined like a one-dimensional game. You cannot turn the blocks, and even though you could, it wouldn’t do much good. You may make the blocks fall faster by pressing the downward arrow key, though. That one really helped me laugh.

4. Shady URL: Discourage individuals from hitting your links

URL shorteners are incredibly helpful tools. To begin with, they assist you squeeze every millimeter of space out of your tweets, plus they may be used to help monitor the press-through rates of links that you simply circulate. The downside, however, is you can’t easily see in which the link takes you – it may be to some 100% genuine website, or it may be somewhere a bit more sinister. There are methods around that, obviously, and also the overall pros of URL shorteners over-shadow any downsides. Shady URL, however, doesn't have discernible use. When one enters the URL, and also you click submit, you’re then given a at random generated, shady-searching link that contains words that most likely wouldn’t prompt you to definitely click it. You may even tick the ‘shorten’ box and get a shorter, but ‘somewhat less shady-looking’ link. Huh?

5. The Drama Button: Making mountain tops from molehills

Many people need a little bit of drama within their lives, or perhaps crave it. Ensure a person always has this site loaded, and subsequently time you’re at work and someone’s developing a big fuss about nothing, you are able to activate The Drama Button. Available too in a variety of different guises in dedicated mobile application format, The Drama Button constitutes a dramatic ‘duh, duh, duuuhh’, when pressed. Enjoy!

6. Dice simulator: Life’s a bet

Dice can be the earliest gambling device introduced by man and have been in existence since before 2000 BC. There are various kinds of dice, however the traditional dotted cube is regarded as the normal with both sides getting a design of dots varying from 1 to six. With the arrival from the Internet era, it appears that dice no more need to be physical objects. Dice Simulator lets you select from between 1 and 6 dice, also it uses pseudo-random figures to imitate the moving from the dice. Can you ever need to have something similar to this?

7. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich: Um, yeah… creepy.

Huh? 10 fun, useless websites! « 98.7 amp radio – more hit music every hour has really created

The Web is full of websites focused on everything from cats that appear to be like Hitler to beard contests, and also you most likely thought you’d seen everything. So far, that's. Surprisingly, there's a whole website focusing on photographs that contains former Magnum PI actor Tom Selleck, waterfalls and sandwiches. Aptly titled Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, this Tumblr blog has numerous Illustrator mock-ups of those three aforementioned entities, which ranks pretty highly around the ‘huh?’ front.

8. Freckle Count: A crowdsourced freckle-counting project

This project has will highlight areas of yourself you won't ever understood existed, nor have you ever need to know about. It’ll cause you to feel awkward and uncovered but that’s the cost you have to pay if you select to count your freckles. Freckle Count is an authentic try to get one man’s freckles counted through the global online populace. Every inch of Ryan’s body was photographed close-up, and people to the website click a piece of skin once they place a freckle…and the like. The Freckle counter is presently just over 29,000. Wow.

9. Pretty Loaded: See a website ‘load’…over and again and again

Nobody likes watching websites load will they? Thankfully, with broadband on tap nowadays, most websites load pretty rapidly. But if you have a penchant for watching animated ‘Loading’ graphics, Pretty Loaded is the website for you personally. It's really mildly entertaining, seeing how imaginative individuals have been with a few of the submissions proven, and you may download these as screensavers too. Watch time though, you may get mesmerized.

10. The Revolving Internet: Turn, turn, turn… (see photo above)

Oh boy, someone has really created a revolving form of the web. The Revolving Internet launches with Google swiveling inside a clockwise manner. You may still enter text within the search engine while the website is revolving and The Windmills of the Mind plays without anyone's knowledge on loop. And when you turn up at the destination website…it is constantly on the revolve too. A completely pointless website, you’ll without doubt agree. And incredibly annoying before long if you are attempting to read something!


Huh? 10 fun, useless websites! « 98.7 amp radio – more hit music every hour Do nothing at all for

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