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trailmonkee November 2012 OP
LineReply Well, which was fun…
Cirque du So-What November 2012 #1
LineReply Clever !
agracie November 2012 #2
LineReply Wow
Science Geek November 2012 #3
LineReply Here’s one
Lordquinton November 2012 #4
LineReply I believed it was likely to be RealClearPolitics
x2 vancouverite November 2012 #5
LineReply You realize there is a cat under all individuals dots, right?
graywarrior November 2012 #6
LineLineReply damn straight there is a cat under individuals dots!!!
trailmonkee November 2012 #7
LineLineReply I love the duck
pinboy3niner November 2012 #8
LineReply Also?
Shankapotomus November 2012 #9
LineNew Reply after i would be a little kid
Enrique November 2012 #10
LineLineNew Reply most awesome story ever
trailmonkee November 2012 #12
LineLineNew Reply LOL! After I is at a medical facility ICU once…
pinboy3niner November 2012 #13
LineLineNew Reply F’n amusing!
graywarrior November 2012 #14
LineNew Reply And That I only clicked since i thought I’d look for a Drudge link…
tarheelsunc November 2012 #11
LineNew Reply Appreciate this
Bucky November 2012 #15
LineNew Reply Too awesome, thanks
madokie November 2012 #16
LineNew Reply I acquired your dog and a few sleeping pandas. nt
Tree-Hugger November 2012 #17
LineNew Reply 4 More Useless Sites
vincente2000 Apr 2016 #18
LineNew Reply Man, this really is weird.
johnp3907 Apr 2016 #19

Resourse: https://democraticunderground.com/