The 20 most useless websites ever

The 20 most useless websites ever make-everything-ok

A summary of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY

Surprisingly, Appa found ANOTHER 20 Useless Websites! PART TWO!!

Ok, so you will arrive at the finish of the publish and seriously question the way i found many of these webpages. A number of them I simply understood about. I requested people about pointless webpages, plus they explained about some they understood about. And sooner or later I simply began googling random stuff, and that’s the way i got the remainder. But, trust me, the web is filled with far more useless stuff than this.

1. Could It Be Christmas?

You can observe what got me to the train of believed that brought me for this publish, can’t you? This site informs you if it is Christmas or otherwise. Eventually annually, the web site states “YES”, every second day, it states “NO”. Helpful if you are Santa, I guess, although I usually told myself that Santa was a bit more organised than that.

2. Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever?

Because you’ll need a web site to answer this for you… On this web site the reply is yet to alter. Bad should you disagree, I guess, because everyone knows that everything on the web is most certainly true. Always.

3. Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet? kingdom/

Wondering if Margaret Thatcher continues to be alive and kicking? Your search is over! This site has got the answer! That one might be in bad taste, but it’s still just like pointless because the rest.

4. The Special Moment Button – Make Everything Ok

Bless whomever made page. Just… appreciate it.

5. The Truly Big Button That Does Not Do Anything Whatsoever

The title from the page is actually misleading. Just saying…

6. The Dots

These dots do nothing. Really.


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