The Ten most useless iphone apps

The 10 Most Useless iPhone Apps

There are plenty of useless iOS apps, along with a couple of of these come pre-packed with your iPhone. Many have relegated the Stocks and Weather application to some forgotten folder in support of more feature-wealthy options.

Although not every application that passes Apple's Application Store muster may be worth taking on space in your iOS device. Using more than millions of apps readily available for download, there will likely be considered a couple of clunkers. Recall the “I'm Wealthy” application from 2008? It cost $1,000 and did nothing more than display a glowing red jewel that, when drawn on, displayed a note that read: “I'm wealthy I deserv [sic] it' am good, healthy &effective.” Notice the way it didn’t say “


Ultimately, Apple removed the application from the store and refunded the accounts of these two individuals who stated they didn't realize the $1,000 cost tag was legitimate. Android users, however, can continue to download it from Google Play for an infinitely more reasonable cost: free. Why? It really is not worth your time and effort or energy, and sure belongs on the listing of Android apps you shouldn't download.

But that is certainly only some of the questionable application within the Application Store. We found 10 others which are just like bizarre and useless try them out within the slideshow.


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