Compliance That which you use

To assist make sure that our retailers keep up with the needed policies, Braintree performs periodic reviews in our merchants’ websites. You are able to do not be flagged by our Risk team by making certain the following details are clearly disclosed for your customers:

  • Contact details
  • Prices
  • Refund or cancellation policies
  • Privacy/your personal data policies
  • Delivery time period (if you’re shipping physical goods)

Contact details needs

The following are thought sufficient contact details:

  • A listed current email address
  • A listed telephone number
  • An actual mailing address
  • 2+ social networking accounts

Prices information

Prices ought to be made obvious to customers in your site before they develop a payment along with you.

Custom prices

In case your prices is just obtainable in a custom contract or once a bill continues to be drafted, you will need to make sure that customers accept prices and may easily locate your contact details, online privacy policy, along with a refund/cancellation policy within the contract or invoice.

People-only prices

In case your prices and coverage is only visible to people in your site, you will need to allow it to be obvious that prices can be obtained upon login. We suggest that you are making your contact details, refund/cancellation policy, and online privacy policy easily available in your site for people and non-people.

Donation prices

A donation page with preset donation amounts, in addition to custom donation options, is suitable for non-profit organizations.

Mobile payments

Compliance Whether you will find any

Should you only accept payments using a mobile application or mobile website, it’s important to either meet all ecommerce website needs in your mobile platform, or provide links towards the needs in your full site.

Refund and cancellation policies

Regardless of what your refund guarantee is – even if it’s you don’t offer refunds – it should be present in your website. At least, your refund/cancellation policy should detail:

  • Whether you provide refunds
  • What conditions should be met to become qualified for any refund
  • Whether you will find any charges connected with refunds or cancellations

Online privacy policy

Your online privacy policy could be simple, however it must range from the following:

  • What information you collect out of your customers
  • That which you use that information

PayPal needs

PayPal mandates that certain products show up in your website and/or mobile application before you accept PayPal payments via Braintree. When entering your PayPal credentials within the Braintree User Interface, you will have to provide links towards the following pages in your website:

  • Online privacy policy
  • Conditions and terms

Conditions and terms

This kind of agreement typically includes sections that address the next:

  • Disambiguation/meaning of terms and phrases
  • User legal rights and responsibilities
    • Proper or expected usage potential misuse
    • Responsibility for online actions, behavior, and conduct
    • Online privacy policy outlining using private data
    • Payment details for example membership or subscription charges
    • Opt-out policy describing the process for account termination (if available)
  • Disclaimer/limitation of liability clarifying the site’s legal liability for damages suffered by users
  • Whether users is going to be notified upon modification of terms


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