Exactly what do the very best government websites of 2015 share?


“Of course, you have to refresh your site every four approximately years,” stated Mark Baumann, IT director for Independence. “But this belongs to a continuing effort at the town to apply advanced technologies that increase our operational efficiencies, but additionally toward enhancing citizen engagement. That’s the driving pressure behind this site, this latest city council goal on technology.”

The town desired to steer clear of the old-style of text-heavy government websites where the user is anticipated to navigate a hierarchy of companies and services, Baumann stated. Also it required the normal Web surfer’s habits into consideration too, he stated.

“We didn’t would like it to seem like your typical government website in which you attempt to cram all things in on a single view,” he stated. “We wanted to utilize scrolling. People nowadays, whether or not they’re on the mobile phone or maybe they’re located on their computer having a mouse, they’re accustomed to scrolling. We felt it had been Suitable for us to possess a lengthy home website.”

The most crucial factor for just about any website is it’s simple to use, and Independence’s web site is simple to use on any device, because of the design team’s utilisation of the Bootstrap framework as well as an intuitive design. Just one sign-on simplifies things for users being able to access several service over the city. As well as an always-present, but easily ignorable, “Get Help” button works as a safety internet to make sure that the least technical user can invariably determine what he’s searching for.

Nothing spoils the look of proper redwood veneer like poking through and locating a cornucopia of particalboard and plywood on the other hand. Many government websites update their primary portal simply to leave its a large number of agency websites untouched. An intuitive portal goes a lengthy way toward obtaining the user where he must go, however the best government websites finish the task, as Sacramento County has been doing by integrating all its content in to the same feel and look because the primary page from the website.

Idol judges were astounded by a stylish design that were able to integrate many features without making the web site feel cramped. A text-only button gives mobile users or users with slow connections a toggle switch for that website’s many graphics and pictures. A hyperlink around the first page provides fast access for an index of county data sets. A SacCounty News Widget provides users a window to almost 200 articles printed through the Public Information Office every year. And behind the curtain, county staff make use of a single Web cms.

The Sacramento County web site design is comparable to those of Independence for the reason that it’s made with the consumer’s needs in your mind. County CIO Rami Zakaria remembered a general change in the web site’s direction beginning this year as he met using the recently hired county Chief executive officer. The makings of the great website have there been, he stated — it simply needed just a little love.

“At time, he felt our website wasn’t hard-hitting, not dynamic, didn’t convey energy, or didn’t convey what we should were wishing to become or how you can present our county,” Zakaria stated. “We wanted the web site which was wealthy in graphics, wealthy in pictures. The functionality was there. We would have liked to grow our online services and so forth, therefore we attempted to do this. If you take a look at 2011 and prior, our website was very text-heavy. Utilization of pictures and graphics really was minimized.”

Creating a great website needs a great design team, Zakaria stated, however that’s confirmed. Another factor a government needs for any great web site is a company that may collaborate and act as one, he stated.

“Having the county work as one county and also the departments be all on a single page with similar goal,” Zakaria stated. “One of the things that we battled with previously was that each department desired to do things their very own way, and when you visited our website and you visited the departments, they looked different. If you want to any department’s websites, you’ll see common feel and look, you’ll visit a common method of trying to find content as well as for finding content.”

This iteration from the Sacramento County website launched in August 2014 after around three several weeks of development by an interior six-person team, excluding the CIO. Future plans for updates towards the website incorporate a single sign-on, Zakaria stated, along with a dashboard that provides users an extensive overview of merely one account using the county.

“We’re really happy with the web site,” Zakaria stated. “For us, it’s our busiest public counter. 10 years ago, should you wanted to use the county, you arrived to pay for your taxes in the county office, or you want to the county clerk recorder to get documents and so forth. What we should’re attempting to do is actually allow it to be our 24/7 public counter. You could do this anything on the website that you can do at work, with very couple of exceptions.”

Mobility is more and more essential for Internet users, which’s why Arkansas.gov had a mobile redesign in May 2013. The web site has witnessed many enhancements and updates since that time, such as the launch of countless extra mobile phone applications for Android, iOS and Apple Watch, like Gov2Go, a condition-centric personal assistant that can help users track deadlines, get reminders and get questions.


The condition recognized that about 45 percent of their website’s users were mobile, stated Arkansas chief technology officer Mark Myers, and also, since then, the condition’s outreach strategy has trended more heavily for the reason that direction.

Making Content device-agnostic and simply available for users is simply by finding good designers who know to make use of comprehensive and well-supported front-finish frameworks like Pure, Bootstrap or Foundation. The broader view, Myers stated, is much more involved.

“We’re getting all of the different agencies together, therefore it’s not only about design standards, it’s about ensuring the help that individuals want are enhanced,” Myers stated. “And how to achieve that? You’ve got to speak to the company proprietors, the person agencies.”

Arkansas’ web site is produced by NIC. Selecting which services to create forward online, or which newly discovered apps to produce, is really a procedure that starts by ending up in the condition’s various departments with an NIC board, Myers described.

“The board consists of sector agencies and a number of private-sector folks, so we discuss what’s the functionality we wish to have, do you know the stuff that seem sensible, so we discuss the strategy moving forward, what’s the proper plan?” Myers stated. “Then, NIC and designers interact regarding how to implement that plan, therefore it’s a partnership between both private and public sectors.”

This season’s to begin with award is Arkansas’ tenth consecutive year being recognized in Greatest of the Web. In 2015, Arkansas.gov may be the condition site that did everything right. It’s user-centric, all of the content continues to be built-into a typical feel and look, the leading page requires a non-invasive mix-section method of data presentation, the condition’s social networking presence is heavily featured, looking tool enables users to filter results by agency, person, service, jobs or any other pages, and users who would like much more can download an application which will personalize their relationship using the condition.

This season’s type of winning websites implies that government is embracing the truth that it may’t try everything. Among the greatest coups of technology’s general advancement in the last decade is the fact that sophisticated technology is easily and rapidly adaptable. Tools that will have cost millions to build up just ten years ago can be purchased today along with some expertise and knowing where you can download the best open-source tools. Government is being economical time fighting with custom tools and sticking with its job, that is serving the folks.

Also worth mentioning may be the citizen tax dollars that government saves through technology-enabled government efficiencies and innovations.

The town of Boulder, Colo., for example, saved an believed $100,000 in system costs and $70,000 yearly by using open-source software for that deployment of their Elasticsearch internet search engine. Indiana, an NIC partner, processed greater than 9.6 transactions, almost 3 million of individuals inside the dmv, generating $1.51 billion in gross revenue and saving the condition $20.a million. Independence, Mo., saves $38 million in annual costs because 30 % of their citizen transactions happen online. Sacramento’s Open Data Portal is stated in order to save the county greater than $100,000 in labor costs that will have otherwise been needed. The condition of Utah processed 1.4 million drivers’ licenses online this past year, adding to as many as $46 million saved in the last 5 years through online transactions. Arkansas had 1.two million visitors this past year, resutling in transactions that saved the condition $309 million.

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