10 common web site design mistakes the professionals are responsible for

This isn’t just cringe-inducing, this really is headache-inducing… literally! 

Should you go to a website in your mobile that you would like to see, then it’s rather irritating to discover that you can’t focus to help make the text big enough.

Web Design Mistake #1: Disabling Zoom

As a result these potential customers remain squinting in a small block of text and generally they’ll just leave. 

Remember: nowadays there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users. Your website absolutely should be enhanced for mobile in this point in time!


Website Design Mistake #2: Pop-Overs/Pop-Ups


Don’t get us wrong, pop-overs are OKAY. It’s the ‘when’ for pop-over displays that could be a mistake

Lots of websites nowadays result in the pop-overs ‘pop’ once you arrive around the page.

web design mistakes to avoid #2: popup

Why would someone want to register for your subscriber list when they haven’t even read a word compiled by you yet? The entire reason for content marketing would be to show the best way to deliver value after which to get individuals to subscribe.

It’s its benefits. There isn’t any denying that. But consider stopping this area from showing until visitors have been receiving the page for a few minutes.

There’s one factor worse than an earlier pop-up.

The worst kind may be the non-mobile-friendly one. Your user generally is stuck searching in the pop-over, and also the ‘x’ button doesn’t work. Don’t permit this to happen!

Website Design Mistake #3: Autoplaying Videos With Seem

For those who have a relevant video embedded in your website then turn autoplay off. Or at the minimum, take away the seem.

Even if you believe that blaring seem out at people every time they load your page is a great way to get noticed, it’s really a far greater method of getting your website closed immediately. 

Many people browse multiple sites at the same time so when they hear the noise, they’ll just search for the main one using the seem icon alongside it striking ‘close’.

common web design mistakes: autoplay sound

Many people like listening to their personal music when they browse, so that they won’t hear your video correctly anyway, and it’ll just emerge like a garbled mess.


Website Design Mistake #4: Light Gray Text on White-colored Backgrounds

Serious question, why would someone do that?

It appears as an apparent no-no but the thing is it again and again.

Sure, white-colored is a superb color and it is any web designer’s closest friend for creating space and providing a website a small feeling. 

And certain, light gray is a fairly gentle color having a modern feeling…

However that doesn’t mean that you ought to be mixing for both your text. 

Readable text is about contrast so make certain the colour of the font is considerably dissimilar to the colour from the background!


Website Design Mistake #5: Small Text

Likewise, it’s even worse to make use of small text. 

The issue here’s that some web-site designers overlook the need for their font altogether and therefore go with whatever default is. 

common web design mistake: tiny text

You would like users to believe that your internet site is a pleasure to see, full of modern typography. You wouldn’t want them to obtain a headache looking through plenty of small sentences.

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