8 common web site design mistakes

Every designer’s dream is always to create a cutting-edge website with all of improvements and minimalistic, hidden elements to permit the area to feel cleaner. However, this mindset isn’t practical or advantageous for a lot of clients as well as their organizations because nearly all users won’t learn how to navigate another layout.

Hamburger Nav - Usability Example

An excellent illustration of this is actually the hamburger nav – individuals three, lines of horizontal type towards the top of an internet site’s page. For designers, this really is great. It de-clutters the look of the web site and also the navigation links continue to be available should you click on the hamburger nav. Regrettably, a sizable most of the population isn’t conscious that the navigation links can nonetheless be found after clicking there. With this consumer experience (UX) research, we’ve discovered that getting important information or links visible whenever you can is the best for users, and increasing your navigation to interior pages.

2. Not talking to your UX team (or otherwise getting one).

Failing to check out your site’s analytics can result in low traffic, high-bounce rate, and eventually, static or decreasing sales. Analytics provide indicators of elements in your site which are both working to your benefit and penalizing your business. There might be simple solutions, for example adding a relevant video to describe an item or altering a font’s weight to become more legible to readers.

It’s important too to speak through design concepts together with your team of developers. We discuss so what can designers do differently therefore it’s probably the most intuitive, user-friendly website. What is the less-complicated method to approach this idea? What are the difficulties with the responsive design path because the website transforms to mobile? When the front-finish and back-finish teams approve the idea, there won’t be any surprises if this reaches the event stage, and we can offer the customer using the design they’re expecting.

Responsive Design Example

3. Skipping the responsive design.

71 percent from the U.S. population searches on their own mobile phone, then convert on desktop. In some instances, this percentage is even greater in other regions! You have to capture their attention together with your mobile, responsive site so that they return.

An advantage to getting a responsive web site design is the opportunity to control exactly what the viewer sees. Whenever a website isn’t mobile-friendly, the consumer needs to focus, slowly move the design around and will likely miss some key details about your business.

4. Using unclear CTAs.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons help guide to users to some place where they are able to convert in your website. Converting is guiding a person to accomplish your company goal, for example investing in a product, making a scheduled appointment or registering for a celebration. The very best buttons are large, bold, have obvious text and therefore are always associated with a webpage that “closes the offer”. Without CTA buttons, you’ll rarely see an advanced of conversions, because the possible client is going to be confused or not aware of how to get the preferred action.

CTA Button Example

Above is a good example of an excessive amount of content, versus employing a CTA clearly directing the consumer to some specific interior page that may better outline the topic.

Our goal would be to enable a person to navigate anywhere on the website with three clicks or fewer. Our strategists take a look at industry, what users are trying to find in your site, and recommend an up-to-date navigation structure that’s the most intuitive and user-friendly.

It’s as much as our design team to brainstorm the proper way to display information in a manner that looks clean and fresh. Our very best consumer experience (UX) tip would be to keep just as much information as you possibly can visible towards the user. Burying information in multiple drop downs or hiding it inside a hover condition, (only visible once the user’s mouse is directly within the link) could be a crucial mistake and price a company business.

Search Icon Placement Example

6. Excluding searching area.

Sometimes users are unsure things to look for or exactly what a services are known as. Together with a search icon or bar within the upper right-hands corner of your site is best practice. Placing this search area elsewhere will likely improve your bounce rate, meaning users leaves your site if you don’t take any pursuit.

7. Utilizing a pre-made website template.

At Blue Compass, we’re proud to supply custom development and design methods to all clients. We avoid templates and make an effort to always give our clients a custom look that most closely fits a company’s brand. Using a template through the likes of WordPress or Squarespace, a company runs the chance of limited functionality, compromising your objectives or vision, and getting exactly the same website layout like a competitor.

Together with our original websites, our developers have built a custom Cms (CMS) that enables our clients to edit content, images, links, plus much more, anytime.

8. Neglecting to improve your site after launch.

One factor that sets Blue Compass aside from other web development companies is when we still follow-up along with you after your site launches. Our expert UX team is definitely performing research for the way to higher our designs and just how a crowd is applying an internet site. We utilizes these important findings later on projects, however this market is always evolving and challenging us to get better because of our clients.

With this particular methodology, your site won’t sit static for a long time after launch. Make certain to create subtle enhancements, for example altering a control button color or linking a picture to some contact page form, to improve your company’ growth.

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