8 common website design errors to prevent no matter what (& how divi might help)

Simply put, should you aren’t optimizing your internet designs for mobile users, now could be a great time for you to start. Otherwise, you risk scaring a substantial segment of the traffic away.

Fortunately, we’ve already covered some of the elements you need to bear in mind with regards to mobile optimization, for example:

  • Readability: Ensuring your articles is well-formatted is crucial, since you will be coping with small viewports.
  • Navigation: Your navigation menu ought to be simple to find and employ, thinking about mobile users won’t get access to a mouse.
  • CTA optimization: Much much like your menus, these have to be simple to place and communicate with.

There’s plenty more to become stated with regards to this subject, and we’ve already covered it in-depth previously. For additional info on the topic, read this listing of ten strategies for mobile website design optimization.

How Divi Might Help

With regards to mobile optimization, Divi’s got the back! The theme is enhanced for responsiveness away from the box, and you may check the way your site looks on cellular devices using the Theme Customizer feature.


However, if you’d rather undertake a far more hands-on approach, you are able to fine-tune how all of your modules displays through their dedicated Advanced Design menus. This allows you to tweak the look controls for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewports.

6. Sporadic and Unfocused Design

Ideally, your whole website should sport a uniform design having a obvious focus. Using multiple styles within a single site may have a jarring effect, and it will even confuse your users.

In addition to this, developing a unique identity for the website – like a color scheme along with a uniform style – will enhance its branding. Take Facebook, for instance. They’ve been rocking exactly the same style for a long time now – neat and having a recognizable blue palette. It might not be probably the most stylish design on the internet, however it will get the task done, by now, it’s become connected using the brand.

A screenshot of Facebook' /></p>
<p>The style you use on your site is mostly an individual decision – that’s fine as lengthy while you ensure that it stays uniform. If you are battling using the details, you could seek inspiration in visual design languages for example Material Design.</p>
<h4 id='How Divi Might HelpHow Divi Might Help

All Divi’s modules are uniformly styled to appear great as they are. However, you may also personalize them individually using the Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS features, as well as save your valuable tweaks for your Divi Library for future use:


The Theme Customizer also allows you to tweak your whole theme’s aesthetic quickly, also it includes choices for altering your color plan and mobile styles, among additional features.

7. Mistreatment of Images and Animations

Many people believe that including images and animations whenever you can online is a great factor. If you recall the fad of Flash-based sites in early 2000s, you need to know what we’re speaking about.

Relying an excessive amount of on either of those media types although cause your website to appear cluttered, but it may also impact its loading speeds (and you will find couple of things worse than the usual slow website). In addition to this it may also have an affect on your Internet Search Engine Optimization (Search engine optimization) when you get it wrong.

An example of an unnecessary animation in a webpage.

A good example of a pointless animation on the web site.

Obviously, nearly every site needs some graphics in some places to enhance its design, and also the key phrase here’s “enhance”. Any images or animations you decide to include shouldn’t draw attention away from out of your content, plus they must only be utilized if they’re relevant. For instance, in the following paragraphs, we’ve only incorporated images to supply context, less the primary focus.

Finally, as you can see within our recent article on website design trends, opt for replacing full-blown animations with microinteractions whenever you can. They’re much less intrusive, plus they still allow you to highlight specific actions towards the user.

How Divi Might Help

Lots of Divi’s modules include built-in stylish animations that won’t draw attention away from visitors out of your content. You may also incorperate your own using CSS if you are not against moving your sleeves.


In addition, a number of Divi’s modules – for example Fullwidth Header – allow you to implement the most popular parallax feature. You may also add it by hand with a modules that do not support it automatically, out of the box the situation with Divi’s Slider.

8. ‘Hidden’ Contact Details

Finally, let’s discuss contact information. Based on the type of website you’re designing, odds are a minimum of a number of your visitors may wish to make contact with you, or whoever’s in control. Ensuring your contact details is displayed conspicuously is the easiest method to enable this.

It’s understandable, however, many websites could be more affected than the others when they don’t make their contact details simple to find. For instance, missing or hidden contact information on the service website will set you back very much in lost business possibilities.

For many sites, we’d recommend establishing a simple contact page, which needs to be available either in your webpage, its very own section, or both:

An example of a contact form.

Adding your email or telephone for your footer – or perhaps a secondary menu – is yet another great approach based on your site’s design. Regardless of what you include, the primary takeaway is it should be prominent!

How Divi Might Help

Just like most key features, Divi offers the Contact Page module that comes pre-styled by having an enhanced format. A while back we released a totally free pack of contact page form layouts, which are a good help if you are searching for any easy and modern design:

An example of a contact page built using Divi.

If you’d rather tweak your design manually, Divi’s Contact Form module allows you to add as numerous fields as you would like and elegance them individually. You may also setup success messages for the users to see determination submission, all without departing the module’s settings.


WordPress users possess a simpler time than most when assembling a beautiful website, because of it’s very easy to understand functionality. However, due to this, it’s very easy for poor design options to creep to your project, which could easily bring the overall visual quality lower.

Within this piece, we’ve proven the eight most common website design pitfalls you have to avoid on your next project. Let’s recap:

  1. Poor readability.
  2. Bad navigation.
  3. Unbalanced negative space.
  4. An unoptimized CTA.
  5. Too little mobile optimization.
  6. Sporadic and unfocused design.
  7. Mistreatment of images and animations.
  8. ‘Hidden’ contact details.

What is your opinion is the main website design error every user should avoid? Subscribe and share your ideas around within the comments section below!

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