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The amount of websites available online keeps growing through the second, and based on internet live stats we passed 1 billion in September 2014. Within this time, web-site designers now utilize numerous practices which have joined the numerous lists of 'what-not-to-do' in website design guidelines available all around the internet.


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Jakob Nielsen, web usability consultant and inventor of countless usability methods, provides a few of the more definitive assortment of website design mistakes one of these, the very best 10 Mistakes in Website Design, highlights the "ten most egregious offences against users". These mistakes are listed below:

  1. Bad Search
  2. PDF Files for Online Studying
  3. Not Altering the color of Visited Links
  4. Non-Scannable Text
  5. Fixed Font Size
  6. Titles On Pages With Low Internet Search Engine Visibility
  7. Something That Appears Like an advert
  8. Violating Design Conventions
  9. Opening New Browser Home windows
  10. Not Answering Users' Questions

There are numerous additional factors of website design that may be infuriating for users even apparently small, irrelevant design decisions may have a significant effect on how efficiently and effectively users can execute their tasks and achieve their set goals. For instance, among the tiny problems which i find most annoying happens when the flashing text cursor, or caret, isn't inside the first or only input field when you turn up on the page. To permit seamless movement from task-to-task, small elements of design, for example allowing users to right away input information/details as soon as they get to a webpage, could make a big difference towards the consumer experience.

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In Conclusion

Website design is one thing of the art. Designers in this region must fit plenty of information right into a restricted quantity of space, while supplying all the necessary interactive elements and links, without having to sacrifice looks and effectiveness. It's in no way an assurance for achievement, but staying away from common errors, for example individuals outlined by Jakob Nielsen within the Top Ten Website Design Mistakes, should a minimum of mean your website will not come in the litany of blogs and articles about bad website designs.

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