Affordances in modern website design

Affordances in modern website design does this factor

Affordances in Modern Website Design

  1. Affordances in Modern Website Design

    This summer 2009

  2. Hello, I’m… Andrew

    Interaction & Consumer Experience Designer @andrewmaier hashrocket.c m om Affordance

  3. Exactly what does this factor do?


  4. Exactly what does this factor do?


  5. Exactly what does this factor do?


  6. Exactly what does this factor do?


  7. Affordance The an excellent of

    an item allowing an action–relationship by having an actor.

  8. The Birth

    of Affordances

  9. J. J. Gibson (1904–79) •

    Visual Psychiatrist • Gestalt Psychology, Perception and Action • Gibson Affordance Theory • Measure the Condition around the globe: Threats and promises Affordance

  10. “an affordance isn’t presented

    upon an item with a necessity of an observer and the act of perceiving it… [for instance] to become graspable, an item should have opposite surfaces separated with a distance under the length of the hands.” – J. J. Gibson Affordance

  11. Don Norman (1935 ) •

    Neilsen, Norman Group • Physician of Philosophy in psychology • The style of Everyday Things • Perceived Affordances • Added the idea of signifiers: Affordance

  12. “We are detectives, searching

    for clues to allow us to operate within this complex world. Whether it’s flags waving within the wind, the main difference between empty or crowded train platforms, or even the desire lines highlighted by footprints within the fields that suggest pathways to follow along with, we look for significant signs on the planet that provide guidance. Within the social world made up of people and technology, these cues are social signifiers.” – Don Norman Affordance

  13. Signifier A discrete unit of

    meaning, including words, images, gestures, scents, tastes, textures, sounds.

  14. Visual/Behavior The Word What of visual

    communication • Conceptual models • Constraints • “Affordances” –– Signifiers Affordance

  15. Conceptual • Exactly what the system

    is and just what it may do • Three parts: system, interface, mental … • Conveyed not directly, Affordance

  16. Conceptual System Model Conceptual Model

    (Physical/Constraint–bearing (User’s Model) Model) Interface Model (Designer’s Model) Affordance

  17. Conceptual • Recognition over Recall

    • Good: Digital Spreadsheets, Game Titles Physics Engines •Questionable: Thermostats, Google Wave Affordance

  18. Constraints (and Tools) • “An

    entity accustomed to interface between several domains…” • Necessitates the designer to conceptualize various domains • Reduce Implied complexity Affordance

  19. Tools


  20. Tools



  21. Affordances & Signifiers • Conventions,

    patterns and metaphors • Attracts the senses • Again, requires little–to–no cognition Affordance

  22. Affordance

  23. Affordance

  24. Website Design

    & System Design

  25. “Web” Design • Visual Design

    • Interaction Behavior Design • System IA/UX Design Affordance

  26. Manifest • Use Signifiers &

    Constraints • Recognition over Recall • Create Context with Meta Design Affordance

  27. Signifiers & Constraints • Invitations,

    labels, Icons • Good visual design concepts • Constraints, reduce load Affordance

  28. Affordance

  29. Default Layout “Wiggling”



  30. Recognition over Recall • Standardization

    (tabs, resolution, IA…openid, facebook) • Shared libraries Affordance

  31. http:// http:// m/ypatterns/


  32. http:// /explore/ http://


  33. Designing Interfaces

    Jennifer Tidwell


  34. Designing Web Interfaces Bill Scott

    & Theresa Neil Affordance

  35. Metaphor • Base design off

    of real–world objects • Instantly forms mental models • Requires no significant ramp–up • Can be quite simple: shadows, polaroids Affordance

  36. Affordance

  37. Affordance

  38. Affordance

  39. Create Context • Meta Design:

    Group related functionality • Information Architecture Affordance

  40. Context Over Consistency Should actions

    be buttons or links? This will depend the loop. Should a calendar view maintain list-form or grid-form? This will depend where it’s being proven and just how lengthy the timeframe is. Does every global navigation link have to be on every page? Do you want a worldwide search bar everywhere? Do you want exactly the same footer on every page? The solution: “It depends.” Getting Real, 37signals Affordance

  41. Affordance

  42. Regular Safari Keyboard



  43. Context Over Consistency Regular Header

    Post–Search Header Affordance

  44. Overdesign

  45. Over–Design • Physical Overload •

    Obscures content •Independent of visceral response –Requires cognition •Not just jealously on my small part Affordance

  46. Combined with permission from Alex


  47. Combined with permission from Alex


  48. Realism in Design • Realistic

    = Lifeless •Robotics, Videogames, Comics, Movies, etc. • Uncanny valley •Empathy & Possiblity Affordance

  49. versus.


  50. The Uncanny Valley In 1978,

    japan roboticist Masahiro Mori observed something interesting: The greater humanlike his robots grew to become, the greater everyone was drawn to them, only up to and including point. If the android become too realistic and realistic, all of a sudden everyone was repelled and disgusted. –Clive Thompson Affordance

  51. Zimbra




  52. Affordance

  53. Don’t Cause Me To Feel Think Steve

    Krug Affordance

  54. Understanding Comics

    Scott McCloud


  55. Conclusion

  56. Affordances in Design • Identify

    action options, goals • Consciously gain knowledge from the world, your users do • Manifest your design, use metaphor • Don’t overdesign Affordance

  57. References WEBSITES BOOKS • •

    The style of Everyday Things • • Designing Interfaces • • Designing Web Interfaces • • Getting Design to Software • • • signifiers_not_affordances.html White-colored PAPERS • • • Affordances Described, May • 2003 • liddle.html Affordance

  58. Fin

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