Modern website design for the similar old company intranet

Modern website design for the similar old company intranet website design accessible

From the beginnings as eco-friendly text on the dark screen, to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, website design has changed in a fast pace, continuously adjusting to the requirements of users. Today we’re speaking concerning the uprise of mobile and responsive design, too the strength of the visual. The concept would be that the details are so complex and thus quickly altering nowadays that companies need to be more agile, to stay competitive. Quite simply, the concept of website design is extremely dynamic and often challenging for experienced professionals.

However what’s left for those who don’t understand how to code but have to face the job of making an internet page? If you are wondering how is it feasible for somebody to finish up in times such as this, think no beyond the intranet of the organization that they work. Sometimes individuals HR, Marketing or Communication may need to create a company announcement, create a web site a good approaching event, or a service or product article, plus they require a smooth method of doing the work, as the IT department concentrates on aspects which are more crucial for business.

If you feel math is difficult, try website design!

The quote is associated with Trish Parr, the Canadian web design service and Online Marketing Specialist at Parr’s Publishing. However, it’s no more valid. It may have been true a couple of years back, however the solutions available today, including ShortPoint, make website design accessible even going to individuals from other business areas, who don’t always have time to undergo tech training.

Which is particularly important with regards to creating internal webpages. We’ve stated it before, and we’ll express it again: if accustomed to its full potential, the intranet is really a effective tool that may engage employees, increase collaboration and productivity, which ultimately generates innovation.

Even though that maybe true, it is also correct that in certain companies the intranet doesn’t provide a very friendly interface. So an worker who would like to communicate something company-wide would prefer to call each and every friend than publish this news around the intranet. Around the one hands, since it requires some technical skills, and on the other hand because nobody would connect to the intranet to determine it.

In others, the machine looks great, and it is highly functional, but you’d need to learn how to code for doing things.

Fortunately, the solutions pointed out earlier allow employees to right away create modern webpages within the company’s old intranet. Plus, it permits them to present data using their company web sites, thus developing a digital workspace.

Past, present and future trends

Like fashion design, website design also follows trends. To know them better, let’s have a short walk-through its history.

Everything began using the static HTML pages in early ‘90s, that have been later improved through Flash animations. The change to dynamic webpages though is made with the discharge of technologies for example PHP and .Internet, within the mid and late ‘90s.

Soon after that, the need for any personal publishing system made an appearance, so WordPress was created. However, it was not the WordPress we all know today, however a simple blogging tool that just permitted using pre-set content blocks. Which means this brought to the development of content editors, which permitted users to personalize the information before publishing it. Additionally, it led to the development of Cms (CMS) and prepared-made web templates (or styles).

Around 5 years ago, you recognized they needed so that you can personalize not only the information. They have to personalize the look itself, without coding, so Visual Composer for WordPress premiered like a tool to construct the information from the websites and style them without coding.

Presently, we’re in a point where users require a solution that enables these to create and personalize both content and the style of the site, whatever the platform they’re using. Which is where ShortPoint is available in. It transforms any content publishing platform right into a complete website design platform with the addition of one insert button towards the traditional content editor.

Remaining on the top of trends

To designing the intranet, at ShortPoint we always embed global trends inside the options that come with our product, to ensure that our customers can also enjoy a contemporary experience while keeping functionality. But we prefer to start trends ourselves. Just consider the copy-paste feature: the chance to select a contemporary design from the library wasn’t available so far.

Obviously, in developing our product we take into consideration the consumer experience enhancements designed to each platform we support. For instance, this season Microsoft has added newer and more effective consumer experience / interface features for SharePoint, to enhance user engagement.

Overall, once we still develop our product, we’ll add additional features and elements, while always bearing in mind how website design evolves. So we hope this way increasingly more employees will expect to making modern pages for his or her company’s intranet.


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