10 helpful internet tools for creating online quizzes and polls ~ educational technology and mobile learning

10 helpful internet tools for creating online quizzes and polls ~ educational technology and mobile learning even simpler to grade

Update : After posting the initial Listly list, I received several emails informing me the list doesn’t seem to them and so i made the decision to repeat their email list by hand here. The initial list contains 39 tools however i only featured 20 since the 19 other tools were either purely commercial and have bugs.

1- Socrative Student Response System

Socrative is a great student response system that empowers teachers to interact their classrooms through a number of educational games and exercises via tablets and smartphones. Our apps are super easy and take seconds to load and run. Teachers control the questions and games on their own laptop, while students respond and interact through their smartphones/laptops. Run it as being an application or on any internet browser

2-Google Forms + Flubaroo

Google Forms – the quizzes can also be self-grading with the addition of within the proper “if statements” within the underlying spreadsheet. Google Forms enables you to definitely create various sorts of questions, instantly collects usernames, transmits data to some spreadsheet, self-grading options for example “if statements” however if you simply make use of a tool known as Flubaroo http://www.flubaroo.com/ it’s even simpler to grade them. Google makes it simple to graph results too. Google Forms also offers many public templates with a few quizzes that happen to be made, you should use and modify them. I love the way in which Google Forms works together with other Google Apps, you may either send the quiz to students via their mail, or embed the quiz inside your Google Site.


It is a online for free non-commercial sources for students and teachers, you will find built-in quizzes for math, science, language arts, and social studies, that are adjustable both in difficulty and length. The interface is not restricted to the pre-built and enables educators to create their very own tests covering any subject and list of questions. It enables for multiple languages.

4-ExamTime Quizzes

Have you ever attempted quizzes to spark your study and obtain better results? ExamTime have study tools that will help you study. Construct your quiz today and obtain learning.

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