4.3. creating webpages in python — hands-on python tutorial for python 3.1

4.3. creating webpages in python — hands-on python tutorial for python 3.1 distinct place where the input

Although helloTemplate.html isn’t supposed to have been viewed through the

user (as being a template), you need to open it up inside a web editor (like

Kompozer) to check out it. It’s legal to produce a web site inside a web

page editor with expressions in braces baked into it! Should you look

within the source view in Kompozer you will notice something such as

the literal string in helloWeb2.py, except the line is damaged up

differently. (This does not matter within the formatted result,

since in html, all white-colored space is the same.)

During the Normal mode, then add formatting like italics, as well as an

extra type of text, and save the file again (underneath the same

name). Run this program helloWeb3.py again, and find out that you simply

have had the ability to change the look of the output without

altering the Python program itself. That’s the purpose of while using

template html page, allowing the net output formatting to become

managed mostly individually in the Python program.

A far more complicated but a lot more common scenario is in which the

input information is processed and changed into results in some way, and

these results, frequently with some from the original input, are

baked into the site that’s created.

Like a simple example, load and run the www example program

additionWeb.py, which utilizes web site file


The goal within the finish of the chapter would be to have user input originate from

an application on the internet as opposed to the keyboard on the local machine, but

either in situation the input continues to be changed into results and all sorts of

baked into an internet page. To create parts easily multiple-use, I obtain

the input inside a distinct place where the input is

processed. Consistent with the later situation with web forms,

all input is of string type ( using keyboard input for the time being).

Consider the program. You will notice merely a couple of new lines! Due to

the modular design, the majority of the program consists of recent

standard functions reused.

The only real new code is at the start and it is proven here:

Resourse: http://anh.cs.luc.edu/python/hands-on/3.1/handsonHtml/
4.3. creating webpages in python — hands-on python tutorial for python 3.1 of the

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