Dealing with google sites: website assessment and evaluation

Dealing with google sites: website assessment and evaluation promote universal   access

Scholars and librarians arrive track of guidelines to evaluate high quality of knowledge sources, which general recommendations affect websites. These criteria range from following college library sites:, and

1. Precision

A top quality website source contains accurate information that may be verified by other sources. The information ought to be associated with spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. There must be proof of an editor or fact checker who’s accountable for ensuring the information is true.

2. Authority

Ought to be obvious who the writer is and just what credentials he/she’s.  If writer is experienced or has greater credentials, the details are more prone to be helpful.  Ought to be e-mail address listed or any other info.  The actual page is anonymous, there’s nobody to carry responsible for erroneous information.

Focus on in which the document was printed.  Information printed at .edu, .org, or .gov sites is generally chosen over information from .com sites because it was probably printed with a school or organization as opposed to a business.

Discover who backed web site and who the advertisers are. The credibility from the sponsor may reveal something about high quality from the information presented.

3. Objectivity

An objective source contains more appeal information than the usual heavily biased source. When viewing an internet site, notice any explicit or implied biases. If the page is definitely an advertisement or endorsement, there might be financial motivations supply biased information. The advertising ought to be clearly differentiated in the informational content from the site. It ought to be obvious why the website was produced as well as for whom.

4. Currency

The precision of the information source is frequently influenced because when lately it had been produced. For topics for example technology, science, and medicine it’s especially vital that you have current information. To avoid outdated information, discover once the page was produced and just how frequently it’s updated. Look for that date from the last revision. Check the hyperlinks — frequently older websites have links that have expired or whose targets have moved.

5. Coverage

It essential to think about the amount of information coverage an internet site contains. The purpose and scope of web site ought to be specific and well defined. The most helpful websites cover a number of of topics and/or cover a subject in-depth. A website index, site map, or FAQ ought to be presented to help navigate the website and provide the consumer an idea from the extent from the site’s coverage. A quality website extremely interactive and can offer users services and information not found elsewhere. It is crucial that information be reported properly and permission and/or licensing be acquired for that utilization of copyrighted images and multimedia materials.  The data ought to be totally free.

Criteria for Evaluating the caliber of an internet site

Knowing the caliber of an internet site can be quite subjective.  Sites are produced for various reasons — for art, education, entertainment, commercial and business purposes, in addition to for information or personal use. The quality of the website should be judged inside the context of their purpose however there’s a couple of rules that websites should follow. To discover much more about these guidelines, go to the World Wide Web Consortium.  This organization is trying to create guidelines and specifications for that Web that promote universal access, responsible use, and user ambiance.  When knowing web site, make sure to check out the five areas the following.  These criteria are taken loosely  in the knowing criteria at World Best Websites  with a five-star points system for figuring out the “best” sites on the internet.

1. Ease of access

It is crucial that an internet site be as globally accessible as you possibly can. For a web site to be highly accessible, it’ll load rapidly, and become viewable in various browsers, operating systems and monitor resolutions. It will likewise provide use of people with disabilities and from different amounts of educational and cultural backgrounds. When creating a Website, stick to the guidelines of the net Ease of access Initiative. A easy way verify that your site is very accessible is by using a tool like the free HTML validation service from the internet Consortium at  For tips about writing HTML rich in ease of access, begin to see the College of Washington’s Can Get On website.

2. Design

Style of the website is an extremely important element think about when knowing overall quality. Good websites possess a design that’s visually appealing, readable, simple to navigate, and reinforces the objective of the website while giving it a unified look and feel. The Net Style Guide is a superb source of the fundamentals of website, Web page, and Web graphics.

3. Content

Make use of the Criteria for Assessing the caliber of Information in the above list: precision, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage.

4. Technological  Aspects and Interactivity

You are able to judge a website about how the technologies used add to (or diminish) the objective of the website. The site should use new technologies and also the multimedia nature from the Web to permit user interactivity making the knowledge not the same as studying guide, hearing radio stations or watching a Television show.  Message and bulletin boards, surveys, videos, games, online tests, audio selections, forums, broadcasting, and check technologies simply a couple of the actual ways technology may be used to create a website more interactive. 

5. Creativeness/Originality

Creative and original websites could be more enjoyable to make use of due to their novelty and resourcefulness. A good web site is distinguishable using their company websites, and really should provide you with something which cannot find elsewhere. It ought to be distinct and memorable and a great over-all impression.

See our Website Evaluation Questions page for a summary of questions that will help you assess the caliber of information online or evaluate an internet site.

Can Get On

The Nation’s Focus on Accessible It in Education.

Thinking Critically About Internet Sources

Suggests products to think about when before utilizing a website like a source.

Internet Consortium

A company offers guidelines and specifications the actual Web that promote universal access, responsible use, and user ambiance.

World Best Websites Knowing Criteria

Websites are judged with a five-star points system that attempts to look for the “best” sites on the internet.

Web Ease of access Initiative

Guidelines from the internet Consortium for any more accessible Website.

Web Style Guide

Superb source of the fundamentals of website, Web page, and Web graphic design.


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