Learn how to code on your own

Learn how to code on your own copying your code

Meetup: Meet Other Web-developers in tangible Existence »»»

Meetup is really a social media site that facilitates group conferences in tangible existence. We advise locating a webmaster group in your town with Meetup. You can study so much from other web-developers. They are able to educate, inspire, and keep you motivated. Also, building websites is much more enjoyable whenever you share your opinions with like-minded people.

How you can Collaborate on GitHub »»»

Git isn’t just great for copying your code. It’s also a highly effective tool for collaborating along with other coders. GitHub uses Git for hosting code of free projects. You are able to practice your talent and provide back to the net development community by adding to those projects. This tutorial from Nettuts+ provides you with practical strategies for getting began.

Official Ruby on Rails Guides »»»

Fundamental essentials official guides for Ruby on Rails. They educate you the way to apply common tasks needed by web applications. Feel the guides to uncover the potential for Rails to change your website.

jQuery UI 101: The Necessities »»»

If you wish to go much deeper with jQuery, read this video course about jQuery UI. This jQuery library contains interface interactions, widgets, and effects to improve the usability and interactivity in your website. For instance, once you understand using it, jQuery UI enables you to definitely rapidly give a slider, draggable element, or autocomplete feature to your website.

Build Apps with APIs »»»

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, permit you to make use of the data of other sites. Many popular sites like Twitter and Evernote have APIs and Codecademy has tutorials to inform you cooking techniques. They’ve tutorials about trying to find top YouTube videos with Javascript and delivering texts with Ruby using Twilio.

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