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This is a list in excess of 10 weird, crazy and merely bizarre websites (a continuation of my techlivewire publish).

Weirdest websites Weirdest websites

  • #1: http://burymewithmymoney.com/

Bill Gates and Gabe Newell designed a website together.

  • #2: http://thatsthefinger.com/

Send this site connect to everybody you hate.

  • #3: http://heeeeeeeey.com/


  • #4: http://ducksarethebest.com/

Duck jokes aren’t funny. Exactly what the duck…

  • #5: http://www.republiquedesmangues.fr/

Like mangos? Today is the lucky day.

  • #6: http://cant-not-tweet-this.com/

Ironically, if you are utilizing a Mac or pc, you are able to really tweet this. Pretty easily, too.

  • #7: http://eelslap.com/

Slap a man hard by having an eel. Sounds best to me. Bookmarked.

  • #8: http://www.movenowthinklater.com/

Probably the most annoying and worsening bet on chess you’ll have.

  • #9: http://www.fallingfalling.com/

Don’t click here when you are high.

  • #10: http://www.rrrgggbbb.com/

Red, eco-friendly and blue would be the only colours you’ll ever need and may form each and every colour we all know of.

  • #11: http://beesbeesbees.com/

Bees! Bees! All joking aside, where would be the wasps? They’re the actual threat.

  • #12: http://www.partridgegetslucky.com/

Alan Partridge dances to Daft Punk over and over and again…

Weirdest websites on the net

  • #13: http://www.haneke.internet/
Got blue balls? This site can help you out.
  • #14: http://www.sanger.dk/

Doug the Pug.

  • #15: http://randomcolour.com/

Literally does what it really states within the URL.

  • #16: http://grandpanoclothes.com/

Whomever invented this site has some serious issues.

  • #17: http://r33b.internet/

Toads will require around the globe. Here it is for people. When we cannot defeat them, we have to accept it. All hail the toads!

Weirdest websites on the net bizarre

  • #18: http://www.koalastothemax.com/

If you feel this site isn’t about koalas, reconsider.

  • #19: http://chrismckenzie.com/

This little guy is going to be afraid unless of course your cursor is near him.

  • #20: http://www.taghua.com/

It’s a tree blossoming… How pretty…

  • #21: http://ninjaflex.com/

Ever desired to flex just like a ninja? Permit this to website educate you the way!

  • #22: http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

The Big Hadron Collider or LHC for brief may be the world’s largest and many effective particle collider. It’s probably the most complex experimental facility ever built. Has it destroyed the planet yet? Based on this site, not a chance.

  • #23: http://www.sadforjapan.com/

Wobble japan flag around like jelly.

  • #24: http://iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples.com/

This really is seriously among the best website out there. Who within the hell chose to make this? It’s really superb.

  • #25: http://www.leduchamp.com/

This really hurts my eyes.  If you need to see more odd sites, go go to the Useless web which enables you to definitely automatically get to an arbitrary useless or weird website http://www.theuselessweb.com/.

Weirdest websites

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