50 weirdest websites that rock the net

4. wwwwwwwww.Jodi.org
This site seems like someone whispered a secret within my ear within an alien language. Is that this how first connection with intelligent extraterrestrial existence can look?

5. YouFellAsleepWatchingaDVD.com
Shout to anybody that has ever fallen asleep around the couch. Anybody can connect with this (I really hope, otherwise I’m weird, because I like this site).

6. StaggeringBeauty.com (Epilepsy Warning! Seriously!)
Skip this if you’re intoxicated by any mind-altering substances, but throughout us – this really is great addictive silliness, along with a good pun.

7. TheUselessWeb.com
This site could most likely provide a summary of its very own. Simply click ‘PLEASE” to visit an arbitrary (weird/fun) website. I honestly didn’t cheat! My list relies exclusively by myself, sometimes unlucky, online queries. Some sites are beautiful, others funny.

8. IsItChristmas.com
The URL is fairly self-explanatory. This site is perfect for anybody with Alzheimer’s, no desktop calendar, or pestering kids who require reassuring that it’ll, eventually, be around.

9. TimeCube.com
This website challenges math, astrophysics, major religions, British grammar, and sanity. Additionally, it supplies a fabulous excuse for college students to prevent school entirely. Someone put lots of energy into this!

10. Zombo.com
Click here daily, right before you begin work, to look into the great motivational message and Emmy-worthy voice-over.

pointerpointer.com success

11. PointerPointer.com
What sorcery is that this?! I’ll take “Cool, but nonetheless a little weird websites” for 200, Alex. Particularly the one using the guy without any pants. Best of luck finding him now :) Where did they find each one of these pics?

12. FeartheGayChicken.org
Regardless of the story behind this site, I believe that the chicken inside a hoodie sporting the rainbow flag symbol qualifies as ’out there’.

13. PixyLand.org/PeterPan
Everything relating to this web site is softly eccentric. Just a little flashback towards the wilder times of the web.

14. HeyYeYaaeYaaaeYaeYaa.com
No problem with this particular appealing Auto-tuned song and lent video, aside from the weird AdSense window. Wanted to talk about.

15. GodHatesShrimp.com
This awe-inspiring parody of the items the authors say is ill-advised religious fundamentalism is funny and informative.

16. HelenKellerSim.com
Google on Helen Keller before visiting this site. This is actually the digital same as all individuals mean junior high school jokes at her expense.


17. KoalastotheMax.com
Incredibly satisfying cuteness and synchronised illustration showing pixilation

18. DrunkRonSwanson.com
This is exactly what the web continues to be produced for! What else can one say?

19. Persistence-Is-a-Virtue.org
Just watch for it to load completely. This is actually the most amusing web comic I’ve seen! Slow online connections allow it to be much more demanding of persistence.

20. BrainWash.com
Weirdly comforting, this live webcam shows folks washing their clothes and consuming coffee. Gives new intending to the thought of living vicariously!

21. FeedtheHead.internet
A number of these websites get one factor in keeping – their URLs are largely self-explanatory. That one isn’t any exception – just feed the mind.

22. WWWDotCom.com
Most likely probably the most helpful tip supplied by any website :)

23. Cat-Bounce.com
Take it easy! No cats were injured in the building of this site! Enjoy!

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24. ShayeSaintJohn.internet
The apparently differently abled creator of the site proves that creativeness can overcome the constraints from the body. Frightening and inspirational.

25. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com
You will find occasions inside your existence, whenever you just stop and get yourself “Why?” The one who produced this site clearly didn’t have such doubts by what he/she was doing.

26. MichaelJFoxNews.com
An offensive website having a noble cause.

27. Procatinator.com
Are you aware that cat videos and pictures consume 90% of Internet storage? This site accounts for a number of that!


28. WhitePowerMilk.com
OK, this really is the first is a frankly disturbing (and efficient) parody of white-colored supremacists. No NSFW pictures or anything. But its…just…*sigh*…it’s really weird. Actually, I’d provide a respected place within this list.

29. JimCarrey.com
An excellent actor, father, and today, a children’s book author, and try to just a little off-center, however in a great and friendly way…mostly.

30. Tane.us
This a little more interactive form of the “deal with it” meme unlocks exactly what the creator calls “mysterious, nonsensical” animation and music. Headphone users beware!

31. CookevillePolice.com
This is actually the very awesome Cookeville Police Department website – most certainly not how they made it happen in Mayberry RFD!

32. JaredPadaleckisAss.com
Browse the Testimonials for this actor. Individuals people certainly be aware of subject at hands, head to feet, as they say.

33. ILoveYouLikeaFatLadyLovesApples.com
This site is clearly towards the top of our weirdness-o-meter. It’s pointless, and impressive. The skill and also the music are depressing, and hold back until you feed her enough apples.

34. RainyMood.com
I do not really understand how Personally i think relating to this website. Produced to showcase a web-based marketing talking to firm, it’s sad and uplifting simultaneously. What is your opinion?

35. SimonPanrucker.com
Never felt sorrier for food than this. Aside from maybe flashback-type realizations that bacon was once small, pink, cute piglets.

36. ThisMan.org
This really is plain weird. There’s little else to include, except, ‘watch your dreams’.

37. TheQuietPlaceProject.com
Anybody who spends a a lot of time inside a cubicle or before a pc will certainly understand why website.

38. TheNicestPlaceontheInter.internet
What exactly are each one of these people doing? Silly humans, attempting to hug their monitors. I do not what you think, however this website makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

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