Beginner’s guide to Call of Duty: Warzone: What You Should Know

Let’s begin with a basic mode description. In Warzone, you’ll be thrown into a last-player-standing battle with a total of 150 players, which is more than the usual 100 in games like PUBG and Fortnite, and you’ll be allocated to a three-player squad by default.

You will win the game if you survive until you are the last team standing, even if only one of you is left. However, considering that there are around 147 other people that wish to do the same thing, it is much easier said than done.

Aside from that essential concept, the other key characteristics are that you’ll all begin in an airplane flying over the battlefield, as is customary for a battle royale. From here, you may check the flight path on the in-game map and decide where you and your pals want to land, and then it’s time to fight for life from the moment you walk out of the plane. You will perish in a matter of seconds if you stand in the constantly closing ring of lethal gas. You’ll have a chance if you can escape being murdered by other players and being slain in general.

Basic Warzone strategies: how it differs from traditional battle royales

Warzone differs from other games in the genre in many ways, including PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Here’s a rundown of the most significant:

  • Weapon attachments are not included in the loot – you will still have to loot when you arrive – but you will have at least a pistol, which is more than most!
  • In-game, you may choose from a number of ready-to-use builds that completely equip you.
  • When you accomplish a certain number of kills, you may trigger killstreaks, which enable you to do actions like as calling in airstrikes or attacking helicopters.
  • The bulk of treasure in Apex Legends and Fortnite is found in chests. On the ground, you’ll only discover a small amount of low-quality merchandise.
  • Contracts may be obtained and completed in-game for wealth and other incentives.
  • You have the ability to respawn! You can, at least theoretically. This will be covered later down.
  • How to Conquer Warzone and Get Some in Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Warzone, like many other battle royale games, may be scary – especially for newbies, and especially since Warzone has more overlapping systems and UI than others! Here’s a rundown of some of the most valuable early advise we’ve gleaned from our experience with the game so far.

Fundamentals of war zones and general guidance

1. You can shoot individuals while still in the air due to airplane travel. When you open and close your parachute, you’ll be able to draw your weapon and shoot at other opponents in the air and below as you fall to the ground. Just remember to re-open your ‘chute afterwards!

2. You can reuse your parachute forever. Unlike PUBG or even Fortnite, you may release your parachute many times when falling from an aircraft and at any other time when you’re far enough away from the earth, such as tumbling from the top of a medium-rise skyscraper or leaping out of a helicopter. It’s also handy for covering short distances rapidly!

3. For the most part, the ‘circle’ – the safe zone where you won’t be impacted by the gas, shown by a white circle on the map – moves in fewer increments than in other battle royales. You’re unlikely to be entirely displaced during the first three-quarters of a game, so if you get to the center, you can expect to stay there for a long time.

4. Each player may revive once in the Gulag. More detail is available in our dedicated Warzone Gulag guide, but the basics are as follows: when you die, you experience a 1v1 scenario, with the winner returning to the action near their squad. You are only permitted to go once. You may also buy a self-revive ability from an in-game shop, and your squad can “buy you back in” by visiting one of the specified businesses on the map (which you can ping while dead).

5. There are stores inside the game! They are represented on your map by small shop trollies. Visit one and spend the money you earned in that battle (through kills and looting) for goods such as extra armor plates, the ability to self-resurrect, and other bonuses.

6. Make it a habit to spend your money early and regularly. Self-resurrect takes priority at $4500; beyond that, you have a choice, but don’t sit on your money. Even if you return via the Gulag, if you die, you lose all you possess, thus there’s no use in accumulating unless you’re saving for something exceptional.

7. Take on several contracts early in the game. After you’ve finished looting, try your hand at some nearby contracts, which are marked on your map with miniature target or flag symbols and usually provide rewards for completion. When players are spread out early in the game, the risk is virtually always exceeded by the reward, therefore designating adversaries as bounties or chests as loot objectives is valuable in and of itself!

8. The gas is quite powerful and does a lot of damage. This isn’t like other games where you can spend a long time discreetly hiding in the gas (especially since that the early Warzone gas exploit has been fixed! ), so don’t squander your time there. If you’re employing an edge-of-the-circle strategy, don’t be caught off guard (more on that below).

9. You may get some XP in the pre-game. Killing someone during the pre-match “warmup” period before everyone else is loading in will give you some XP for your weapons or overall character. While passing the time, it’s also a fun and helpful exercise.

10. Items are color-coded based on their rarity, which usually represents their quality (but not always). Green is unusual, blue is uncommon, purple is epic, and orange is legendary. An item’s rarity also represents how many attachments or benefits it has, up to a maximum of four!

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That’s all we got for Warzone advise for the time being! We’ll learn a lot more as the game develops, but hopefully this gets you off on the right foot. Best wishes, and have a nice time!