About web design services

About web design services daily job responsibilities

Web Design Services (WDS) is really a department from the It organization

at Utah Valley College. We’ve been produced to help all departments on campus

to create, implement, and keep their presence on the internet. Our staff are highly

skilled developers that make an effort to bring innovation, performance, and image together

on the internet.

  • We function as a source of faculty wanting to implement course materials on the internet and

    encourage all faculty to make use of the net within their instructional activities.

  • We profit the administration in creating and looking after an expert, consistent,

    and accurate brand, or image, for UVU on the internet.

  • We promote the college to any or all individuals wanting to obtain a greater education and supply

    services necessary to allow them to research UVU being an option.

  • We help parents within their mission to learn more relating to UVU because they search

    for schools for his or her children or assist their students presently attending UVU.

  • We offer an infrastructure for employers to make use of within their look for highly trained

    students and graduates to fill the use needs within their companies.

  • We constantly add services online for UVU staff and faculty for an intranet

    within their daily job responsibilities.

  • We encourage using our Site by our alumni in lots of areas including services

    and benefits and possibilities to become associated with UVU through giving or service.

Our Mission Statement

The Utah Valley College Web Design Services department supports students,

faculty, staff, and also the community within their educational progression by supplying a

dynamic, professional, and accessible medium of communication. We design, coordinate

and administer the delivery of current information, portraying the direction and image

of UVU. Concentrating on professional customer support and assistance, we help individuals wishing

to get familiar with the UVU web experience.

Resourse: https://uvu.edu/wds/

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