5 signs it is time for any website makeover

5 signs it is time for any website makeover to your designs from the

First impressions are everything, particularly in business relationships. Generally, individuals first impressions are happening online, via your company’s website. With technology altering so quickly, companies have to prioritize the appear and feel of the websites to prevent scaring away prospective customers and partners.

Are you ready to provide your web presence a fresh look? Blayzer’s design team shares five telltale signs that the small business an internet site design makeover.

1.  You don’t have an online prescence.

This one’s a no-brainer. Unless of course you’ve got a really, great reason otherwise, your business must be on the internet. Period.

2.  Your website looks old or outdated.

Let’s have this taken care of right from the start: An outdated website isn’t vintage. It’s not timeless, classic, or retro. It’s old. There is a huge distinction between Vintage and Old.

One exception: the web site for that 1996 Warner Bros. animated film Space Jam, that has been preserved in the original glory. It’s a classic sight to behold — a pixel-perfect time capsule from the ‘net within the 90’s, filled with tiled backgrounds, terrible clip art, free wallpaper downloads, or even a “hit counter.”

But you’re not Space Jam.

Your website doesn’t exist just to entertain aging Millennials. You’ve got a business to operate, and goals to achieve, and customers’ must meet. None of that will happen by having an old web site design.

So, do you know the hallmarks of the fresh, new website? Listed here are a couple of Hot & Not trends to look at.

What’s Hot:

  • Flat design is not going anywhere soon, a minimum of for that near future. This straightforward, minimalist design includes color blocking, bold typography, simple shapes, clean lines, and a lot of open space. Busy textures, patterns, overlays, and shadows happen to be dumped for any flat and sleek appearance.
  • Mobile-inspired design has become bringing familiar mobile phone UI/UX features in to the desktop realm. joins responsive and adaptive design websites work nicely on any device screen varying from desktop to smartphone. We reside in a time where multiple screens are utilized during the day, and modern web site design reflects this cultural shift.
  • Large-scale imagery is replacing written copy because the primary storytelling medium online. The less words a business uses to explain their products and services on their own websites, the greater “likable” a company’s web site is perceived as being. Liberal utilization of white-colored space and imagery keeps the viewer’s attention around the important components online.
  • Video backgrounds happen to be turning heads in the last year, so we expect increasingly more companies be putting this trend moving
  • Parallax & modular scrolling, where foregrounds, backgrounds, and individual posts could be scrolled through individually and/or scroll at multiple speeds.
  • Single-page sites, where websites are made as you single page, challenges companies to provide their business on the internet within the format of merely one story or assortment of information. It doesn’t quite work with everybody, but around the right project the outcomes could be astounding.
  • Tile-based design, where content and knowledge are displayed in small sections frequently known as “tiles” or “cards.” These quick items of content are clickable, flickable, and mobile friendly, and so they make information a little simpler to determine and absorb. For types of tile or card-based design, think Home windows 8, Google Now, Pinterest, and Twitter.

What’s Not:

  • Flash animation started like a fantastic aspect for websites, however these days it simply doesn’t work across all systems and screens. When Flash works for any viewer it requires a lengthy here we are at the animation to load which is not easily listed in Google, which could hurt your research rankings.
  • Widgets and toolbars the wazoo were hot for any minute, but users rapidly increased fed up with cluttered pages, damaged sites, and slow load occasions.
  • Auto-play Flash or video intros only produce a barrier involving the visitors and also the information they came to your website to obtain. Get this to outdated trend stop, or risk sky-high bounce rates and couple of conversions.
  • Frames are from style with regards to web site design. In case your submissions are restricted to 1 area on screen, it’s here we are at an internet site makeover.
  • Backgrounds that include an excessive amount of texture and detail aren’t appealing towards the eye.  They really scare viewers from your website.

2.  Your web site is old or outdated.

Over 8? Here we are at new bed mattress. Over 3? Here we are at a brand new website. Might be less inside your industry. Some industries, for example consumer goods, practically have to have a new site every 6 several weeks! For many companies, though, your window is that this: Your website will begin to show wear and tear within 18-24 several weeks. It ought to remain passable for around three years max for those who have a positive content strategy and the data in your site current. Beyond three years you will be falling behind technology and worse, your customers’ expectations.

Simply how much can alter in three years? Well, read this small listing of big developments which have happen recently:

  • New OS, browser & website CMS versions – WordPress 4..1, Joomla 3, Drupal 7.34, Magento 1.9.1., Android KitKat (4.4.4) & Lollipop (5.), iOS8, Home windows 8/8.1/10, etc.
  • An upswing of HTML5 and the fall of Flash
  • The Heartbleed bug, data breaches & other security issues
  • Cloud-computing for those!
  • Niche social networking & targeted advertising
  • Search formula changes – Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, etc.
  • The mobile revolution – sites & solutions now have to focus on an array of devices

These are merely the large ones we created inside a 5-minute brainstorming session, but you get the drift.

3.  Your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

Websites today are now being viewed on the majority of different screens. Actually, 50% of web site traffic has become on mobile browsers. Getting a mobile-friendly or responsive website eliminates frustrations and keeps your website available to all users. Websites have to work and work nicely on cellular devices. What this means is infusing mobile-driven features and elements to your designs from the beginning, not only creating a “m-dot” version and adding a hyperlink for your homepage.

4.  The book doesn’t match the coverage.

The earth has been a quick-altering place, and also the internet only has elevated the interest rate. With time, a lot of companies have a alternation in direction and concentrate. It’s this is the nature from the animal. Take one step back occasionally and make certain your present site reflects your company’s newest changes. Tip: Profits team almost always is an excellent gauge of methods well your internet site is addressing your customers’ needs.

For a good example of the way a company solved the problem of the staff not relying online, browse the situation study of Dynamic Transit, a customer of Blayzer.

5.  Your site just isn’t on your side any longer.

Finally, in case your website isn’t catching eyes, turning heads, getting traffic, and captivating visitors, then you definitely MUST make a big change. The guidelines of search and structure change with time. Sometimes they change very rapidly. You need to continue and make certain your website content is drawing & keeping traffic.

Do these signs ring in keeping with you? Contact Blayzer right now to get began in your next website makeover.

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