Daniel mk cohen website makeover

Sometimes you simply need an update! A refresh. And that’s what we should did with Daniel MK Cohen’s website. Daniel is definitely an actor, comedian, voice-over artist as well as an Elf! No seriously! Take a look. I know you’ve seen him.

I designed Daniels “Before” website a long time ago. Although design may become outdated, I do not think it was the situation here… yet. But Daniel was ready for any refresh, something to exhibit much more of his lighthearted, funny, laid back personality. He particularly wanted something which looked attracted that complimented the silly Photoshopped movie posters he’d. And So I started work. I came different figures he had performed and was these questions line waiting to obtain movie tickets to determine these featured movies.

This project was a lot of fun and Daniel is definitely certainly one of my top picks to utilize. I truly love the actual way it switched out.

This is actually the before. Which you’ll also find out about here: http://www.kathyosborne.com/daneil-mk-cohen-voice-over-artist/

Here is what the top webpage appears like. You can observe Daniel’s website here.

Daniel MK Cohen Actor and Voice Over Website Design

Certainly one of my personal favorite areas of designing this website was allowing the titles for every page. listed here are a couple of of individuals:

And preserving the glasses theme in the original design, I produced this favicon/icon/profile illustration to make use of:

This is actually the entire shot from the website:

Resourse: http://kathyosborne.com/daniel-mk-cohen-website-makeover/

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