We made it happen! madd style website makeover!

Therefore we made the decision to provide someone to our website!

All bragging aside, it’s a feast for that eyes! And it is also full of helpful stuff.

Like our all-new Lewis Straight Cuffed jeans from Jag, our assortment of vintage-chic Embrazio crossbody bags, and our oh-so-stacking bracelets and cuffs by Lenny & Avoi. Shop our What’s New page for a taste of what we should have awaiting you within the shop, so when you are available in we’ll assist you in finding your preferred new products.

Within our new-and-improved e-newsletter you’ll find styling tips, special deals, periodic sales, and stuff to simply cause you to feel good. Because at Madd Style, that’s what we’re about: making you feel and look your individual best. You could find the tips while offering here on the new Blog!

Return soon for an additional style break at madd-style.com.

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at our new Kut in the Kloth floral blouses, super femme Coobie one-size-fits-most lace-backed brazier, along with other great products available now!

Woman in black Kut from the Kloth blouse with floral details Coobie Lace Backed Bra Image of jag cuffed jeansBlue grey and white ombre sleeveless fringed blouse

Resourse: http://madd-style.com/index.php/2016/08/17/we-did-it-madd-style-website-makeover/

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