Website makeover overview

Website makeover overview brand-new site and

Professional Web Services Website Makeover is really a service solely for GoDaddy customers. We provide your existing website a brand new look by making use of the most recent Website Builder design features. That can be a happens, your website remains open for business. When you OK the look, we’ll finish creating your brand-new site and swap it to your Website Builder product. Once you approve the website to become printed, it’ll replace your old site.

Like a Website Makeover customer, you will get a specialist consultation to find the appropriate theme, layout and color choices for your website makeover. We’re doing our part that will help you improve your outdated sites and stores obtain a fresh, mobile-ready site to enhance your general presence online.

Website Makeover offers:

  • Migration of the existing Website Builder v6 site to v7
  • Migration of the existing content into an up-to-date layout in v7, that is mobile-friendly
  • Free customer consultation

Website Makeover doesn’t offer:

  • New content or updates to content, copy, or images from existing website
  • New functionality or features, or new elements of design
  • Personalization beyond existing v7 theme abilities
  • Adding forms or navigation fields, adding your blog, etc.

Note: Should you require a brand new site design or feature updates, you might be thinking about a brand new Professional Web Services Site or Store Design Service, as opposed to a makeover.

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