Website makeover? yes please! – dingo creative

                                                                                Replace old photographs with attractive new images.

Website makeover? Yes please…….that’s just what the client stated whenever we recommended an internet site makeover. So, we’ve been focusing on updating their website and will be ready to launch soon. Listed here are the steps we required to really make it more appealing to their audience, and also to get more people to their website.

• Added helpful content to assist them to rank better. Google prefers updated and new content over old stale content.

• Replaced outdated photography with new and engaging photographs – “A picture may be worth a 1000 words.”

• Got the website up to date – a quick site not just converts better, but you’ll will also get more organic traffic because the various search engines can crawl your website faster and discover more content.

• 301 redirects which directs old URL’s towards the updated web site.

Obviously, there are lots of different options to drive traffic towards your site – take a look link for additional ideas.

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