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OPINION — The Internet is really a fascinating place. When used correctly, it may entertain, inform, enlighten and confound us.

Listed here are three websites which will do all individuals things.

Helpful website

One Look Reverse Dictionary. Accessed October 3, 2016, St. George NewsOne Look Reverse Dictionary. Utilized March. 3, 2016, St. George News

One Look thesaurus and reverse dictionary

Ever struggle to generate the best word for something? Knowing the meaning, this site can point you within the right direction to locating that word. Synonyms and related concepts can be found.

Crossword puzzle aficionados will discover this site helpful too. Clues could be solved and you may find words should you can just learn a couple of from the letters.

Fun website

Online Spirograph

A drawing created using the Online Spirograph, Accessed October 3, 2016, St. George NewsA drawing produced while using Online Spirograph, Utilized March. 3, 2016, St. George News

Recall the fun the old Spirograph provides? Hrs could be spent poring over certificates having a plastic circle pinned into it, moving a pen around in another plastic circle until an attractive picture made an appearance. The only issue was once the pen tucked midway via a drawing or even the time needed to attract a few of the more intricate designs.

Now it may be done online. The internet Spirograph enables practically limitless circles, pen colors, positions, and fashions that you could make. The runtime Flash is needed. If you’re able to see videos on St. George News, you have Flash.

A thing of warning: Don’t begin to play with this particular at the office. It’s very addictive.

Useless website

TV watching time calculator, accessed October 3, 2016, St. George NewsTV watching time calculator, utilized March. 3, 2016, St. George News

Calculate your overall time for you to see a Television show

Ever binge viewed a Television show from DVD or Netflix? Just stored watching until there have been forget about episodes left? This site will calculate how lengthy you would need to watch to determine the whole series.

Let’s see exactly what a sample of Tv show pops up with:

  • The Brady Bunch (5 seasons): five days 4 hrs half an hour
  • Magnum P.I. (8 seasons): 11 days 22 hrs half an hour
  • Breaking Bad (5 seasons): 13 days 21 hrs minutes
  • Star Wars Voyager (7 seasons): 19 days 6 hrs minutes
  • Frasier (11 seasons): 24 days 18 hrs minutes

Time for you to turn on the television and begin watching.


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