Emblem design with draplin: strategies of shape, type and color

Join greater than 20,000 Skillshare students to learn emblem design from Aaron Draplin! These smart, entertaining training are jam-full of advice and Adobe Illustrator demos so that you can refine your projects with shapes, type, and color — and gain core design skills for every logo and branding project.


Additional Information Concerning the Class

Portland-based designer Aaron Draplin is legendary for pride and craftsmanship he gives every project. Whether designing for Draplin Design Company clients like Nike and Ride Snowboards, or personal brands like his Field Notes memo notebooks, his work always strikes viewers as functional, nostalgic, and legendary. How does he get it done?

Within this 70-minute class, you’ll go behind-the-scenes as Aaron shares his emblem design process having a very personal project: the household crest. From research to geometric structure to typography to paint choice, he provides useful tips and shortcuts in Illustrator for creating beautiful operate in a hyper-joyful manner. 

Through the class, Aaron emphasizes the advantages and methods of simplifying designs to create compelling logos. It is a perfect class for designers, creators, and everybody who would like to be inspired with a master at the office.


Sample Project by Aaron Draplin



Crest Design by Aaron Draplin

Resourse: https://skillshare.com/classes/Emblem-Design-with-Draplin-Secrets-of-Shape-Type-and-Color/

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