6 web site design mistakes which make you appear as an amateur

Bad website design makes you look like an amateur.Enjoy it or otherwise, people do judge a magazine by it’s cover.

In the industry world, people judge your company on the caliber of your site. Generally, people equate a good web site with a decent company that gives quality services or products.

And vice-versa.

Don’t fight it. It’s precisely how situations are nowadays.

So unless of course you need to drive away potential customers, clients or patients you must have a properly-designed, modern-searching website.

Only issue is that creating a website on your own or redesigning an outdated website is like writing a phrase paper. If it is something don’t do everyday, the different options are hrs looking in a blank screen, frozen with writer’s block wondering where to start.

However, I will help you with this. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or beat your mind from the wall.

Since building my first website in 1999, I’ve learned a couple of things on the way about the most crucial aspects of great web site design. For me personally, it may be distilled lower towards the following 6 things:

1. Make it simple.

There are plenty of features available to increase an internet site nowadays which you may be enticed for many as you possibly can to thrill these potential customers. More is much better, right?

Not always. with regards to designing your site, always err along the side of ensure that is stays simple.

Jobs inspired a design revolution consequently for his passion of simplicity, also it appeared to sort out pretty much for Apple.

Also, stick to an internet site layout that’ll be familiar to most these potential customers. Don’t get and try all artsy-fartsy to impress individuals with some advanced website design that’s unique and something-of-kind.

Sure, it could look awesome. But when it frustrates visitors because your internet site is difficult to read and navigate, what’s the purpose?

Remember, people go to your web site to get information. So don’t turn it into a chore that people determine what they’re searching. Your site is on their behalf, not for you personally.

2. Use videos and pictures.

online_video_wallThe Web has changed from the mainly text-based atmosphere to some multimedia atmosphere. Therefore, people now anticipate seeing videos and pictures in your website. So rely on them.

After I get to an internet page that’s just pure words it scares me. My primary reaction is, “Oh man, this will probably be lots of work.”

It’s ok to possess a large amount of information in your site, just break some misconception a little with videos and pictures to assist tell the storyline, as well as ease your reader’s anxiety.

Regarding pictures, don’t just throw any picture in your site just to consider space. Take some time, within reason, to get the best picture that can help to inform your story.

Myself, It’s my job to purchase my images from www.iStockPhoto.com. However, www.ShutterStock.com provides extensive nice images, too. Both sites have a large number of quality images at very economical prices.

Regarding video, make certain your video is HTML5 compatible, meaning they’ll experience iPhones, iPads and smartphones.

There is nothing more annoying than going to a site which has a video you need to watch, but whatever you see is really a black rectangle since the video is within an outdated format for example “Flash”.

The fastest and easiest option would be for hosting your videos online or Vimeo. However, should you choose to host your videos by yourself private video server, I’m able to recommend www.EZs3.com. I’ve used them for a long time. They’re very reliable and cost-effective.

3. Provide great content.

omgGive ’em what they need. Strengthen your customer solve their problem by supplying concise, helpful information.

Although, as pointed out above, you need to use images and videos to assist communicate your message, the building blocks is definitely the written word.

Therefore, take time to write good, quality content and make certain to make use of good headlines to seize the reader’s attention to ensure they are want for more info.

Just how much content in the event you write?

That will depend.

The best way forward I ever got about this subject originated from famous copywriter, Gary Halbert. He stated, “Write around you have to write, with no more.”

Which means if you’re able to promote your message by 50 percent sentences, then that’s just how much you are writing. Whether it take 2 pages, then that’s just how much you are writing. Whether it take 10,000 words, then that’s just how much you are writing.

Also, lead together with your best stuff. Don’t bury it way lower the page. Get directly into it.

In copywriting terms, this is whats called keeping things “above the fold”, which refers back to the fold inside a newspaper.

Good writing is difficult and needs time to work, and that’s why the web is full of a lot garbage.

So if you wish to really shine and separate yourself in the pack, take time to produce great content that can help solve people’s problems, establish you like a reliable authority and hopefully convince these to buy your products or services.

4. Purchase a great emblem.

99designsUnless of course you’re a naturally gifted artist, do your favor and spend a couple of dollars on developing a nice-searching, quality emblem. It’s a little investment you will not regret.

A great emblem really sets a dark tone for the website, in addition to all your other communication … card, stationary, social networking, etc.

Generally you’re likely to want to place emblem within the upper-left corner of the website because this is where people usually expect so that it is.

Just how much in the event you count on paying for any good emblem?

Well, large corporations spend thousands or perhaps thousands of dollars on emblem creation simply because they know it’s that important.

Fortunately, its not necessary to invest anywhere near much. $200-$400 is deserving of a great custom emblem for the business.

Basically remember properly, I believe I compensated about $300 for that “Mark Brinker” emblem the thing is towards the top of this website. It had been certainly money well-spent.

Among the best sites to get a emblem produced (and it is the website I made use of) is www.99designs.com.

The caliber of graphics is really far better and a whole lot affordable of computer was 5-ten years. And So I highly recommend purchasing obtaining a great emblem produced. You will not be sorry.

5. Give a CTA!

megaphoneThis the following is most likely the Number One factor that individuals get wrong online. The Phone Call-To-Action.

Quite simply, give me an idea your customer to complete? Phone you? Complete a web-based form? Download a totally free report?

You cannot just think that they’ll know what you would like these to do. You need to be very deliberate and direct.

Take it easy about finding as manipulative. You will not. But you have to lead your customer through the hands and inform them the next phase to consider.

On a single finish from the spectrum you’ve website without any proactive approach, but alternatively finish from the spectrum you’ve websites with *a lot of- calls to action.

The issue with a lot of CTAs is when you allow them as well many selections it’s very easy to obtain overwhelmed or confused, they choose *none*. So clearly it is not good either.

The very best-situation scenario would be to have recently *one* CTA, possible two in case you really need to. Any in addition to that you’re customer will most likely finish up taking *no* action.

As pointed out in item Number One above, make it simple.

6. About us.

veterinarianBack 10-fifteen years ago once the Internet was still being completely new, anybody having a website instantly had clout and credibility simply by the actual fact that they an internet site.

Go forward to today, though, which mystique is really gone because individuals just expect companies to possess a website nowadays.

The bar continues to be elevated, and individuals would now like to find out about the *people* behind that business.

Even just in our high-tech world, clients are still transacted between *people-.

Therefore, the very first factor you’ll wish to accomplish is defined an image of your self on your “About Us” page. Should you not possess a current photo of yourself that you want, have somebody snap one using their smartphone. That’s greater than adequate.

Also, write just a little blurb about your and yourself company. Never be formal and stuffy. Share a couple of items to tell your friends you’re a genuine person. Favorite teams, hobbies, etc.

From general observations, after i visit a web site to find out about a company, I more often than not go to the “About Us” page. When they do not have an image or perhaps a small write-up about themselves, I immediately get suspicious. I believe, “What could they be attempting to hide?”

If their “About” page is scant or lackluster, 9 occasions from 10 I hit the “back” button on my small internet browser and go elsewhere.

And I’ll bet you need to do exactly the same, regardless of whether you realize or otherwise.

*   *   *   *   *

So they are my 6 web site design “secrets” that I’ve learned in the last 14 years.

Yes, you are able to certainly dive much deeper and explore much more subtle aspects of why is up great web site design, but fundamental essentials 6 biggies.

And when you probably did little else than concentrate on the 6 products described above, you’re going to possess a much better quality website than most.

I guarantee it.

Have you find these details useful? If that’s the case please tweet it, share it on Facebook or Google+, email it or whatever. Thanks a lot!

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