Common website design mistakes

Your audience has one overall objective with regards to your site: the opportunity to determine what they’re searching for. Whether it’s studying your site, purchasing a service or product, or locating a specific bit of information, they shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to get at it.

Navigation design has some fluidity with regards to the intent from the website. When the web site is an individual site or perhaps a blog, more creativeness is much more recognized and appreciated. If however it’s business website or something like that having a more severe tone, people generally wish to become so terrible and discover what they’re searching for additional rapidly.

A Lot Of Images

When you will find a lot of images on an internet site, it may appear cluttered and disorganized. This especially becomes an issue with the pictures are overlapped or squeezed alongside one another. Images are a good visual tool, but don’t forget an excessive amount of a great factor can rapidly turn bad. 

Whitespace is a superb factor to make use of online. it may break images up and provide a far more organized appearance towards the website. However it’s remember this the good thing about balance here. An excessive amount of whitespace can in addition have a negative effect on your site design by looking into making it look empty.


Being an overall guideline, don’t mix fonts an excessive amount of. Consistency is essential with fonts during your website. This doesn’t mean you need to make every word in your website the identical, but keep exactly the same general aesthetic

Automatic Music (no)

There’s an entire listing of stuff that will go wrong if you have music instantly play online, but I’ll just enter into a couple of of these.

  • It may surprise and humiliate someone inside a quiet cafe, library, or classroom (within this situation you are able to more often than not think that it’s simpler to rapidly exit from the page rather of trying to find the “pause” button).
  • It may overlap music that’s already using someone’s head phones
  • It may bring people to the musical MySpace days and you may trust that many people don’t want to relive that.

There’s more, however i think you see what i mean. Unless of course you’re an ambitious music performer or operate in the background music industry, steer obvious from adding instantly playing music aimed at your website.

In-your-face advertisements

If you are selling something, never be too manipulative about this. The flashing gaudy signs screaming “buy this now” are intimidating and have a tendency to push people from the services or products that your internet site is offering. 

Again, there isn’t any science into it, but take a look at examples from effective websites for reference.


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