Tr 082: all you need to learn about modern website design

May 23, 2017

Within this episode of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Jon Perrson towards the show. 

We talk everything about website design – what’s presently working, what’s not, design tips, freelance business advice, and a lot more.

Jon is really a youthful man (20) who lately left his college studies to be able to continue going after his website design career, to date that is very effective. He’s built those sites of Erectile dysfunction Latimore (who I have interviewed here and here), in addition to Alexander Cortes. You may have come across these two guys. There are, I’d recommend checking them out, too.


Within this 1 hour and 15 minute interview, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to get began with website design along with other freelance work – Jon’s beginnings and just how she got his first clients
  • The Five Most Significant things nearly anybody could do in order to enhance their site At this time. 
  • Pop-ups, opt-ins, along with other methods to capture leads – what’s currently trending what is actually no longer working? I additionally mention the superb conversions I recieve on my small Ukraine Living and Eastern European Travel sites (you can copy them)
  • Alternative choices to WordPress to construct your blog or website
  • Whether you really have to *invest* in compensated tools and software to achieve success
  • Finally, ways to get the first clients, exactly what the deal is by using freelancing…
  • …and far, a lot more!

It had been an enjoyment getting Jon on the program to speak shop. If you want to obtain a free consultation with him, you are able to click the link to understand more about his services. There are also him on Twitter @jonlperrson.


Relevant studying, links and much more for this podcast:
    • Google Page Analyzer
    • Google Analytics
  • I develop on Thrive Styles
  • Whereas Jon uses Jekyll
  • Publish about creating money on the web in Ukraine
  • Podcast about my friend’s product and the insufficient plan, and why it is important

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