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Civil war related websites identified in 1993 as

The State Records from the Civil War (Union and Confederate) »

The State Records from the Civil War (OR) were compiled following the war and possesses a large number of original letters, orders, and accounts of all the fight from the war.  Here results in a digital assortment of the state Records supplied by Ohio Condition College.

Ten Costliest Battles from the Civil War »

View a summary of 10 Costliest Battles from the Civil War, according to total casualties (wiped out, wounded, missing, and taken). Contains links to more articles concerning the battles. Lists location, commanders, quantity of forces engaged, champion, casualties, and links in the Official Records.

Civil War Maps »

The web site of U . s . States Military Academy’s Department in history includes maps printed within their campaign atlases.

Abraham Lincoln subsequently Research Site »

This website offers a multitude of sources that focus mainly around the existence and actions of Abraham Lincoln subsequently.

The Museum from the Confederacy »

Situated in Richmond, Virginia, The Museum from the Confederacy contains among the largest collections of original Confederate Civil War artifacts in the united states.

Virginia Tech Center for Civil War Studies »

A Civil War Center operated by Virginia Tech that will help supply the current news from through the Civil War community. Browse the “Helpful Links” page for more websites full of helpful information.

Civil War Medicine »

A library of presidency and college studies on the introduction of medical practices throughout the Civil War.

Civil War Cavalry Battles and expenses »

This website provides a wide-selection of information when it comes to cavalry battles from the Civil War.  Additionally, it offers several quotes from cavalry generals from through the war.

Civil War Women Archival Assortment of Duke College »

A properly-organized collection personal letters from ladies who performed important roles throughout the American Civil War, including Rose O’Neal and Sarah E. Thompson.

Maine Condition Archives Civil War Page »

An internet site full of first hands accounts and photos of folks in the condition of Maine, as well as their accomplishments throughout the Civil War.

Missouri’s Civil War, 1861-1865 »

Backed through the Missouri Division of Tourism, this site contains enough detailed information online on everything associated with Missouri’s impact within the civil war, in addition to improvements like Flash-animated Battles.

Letters from your Iowa Soldier throughout the Civil War »

This can be a site which contains transcripts of actual letters from Newton Robert Scott from the 36th Iowa Infantry volunteers.  It offers loaded with primary documents in addition to a great first hands account from the war itself.

Valley from the Shadows »

Loaded with primary documents that offer numerous records from Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania that span from before until well following the Civil War.  This site enables the viewer to determine the way the everyone was affected both in its northern border and also the South through the Civil War.

Making of the usa »

Making of the usa (MoA) is really a digital library of primary sources in American social history in the antebellum period through renovation.  It has a large number of sources from the moment period which are digitally accessible.

A Brief History of Jewish-Americans within the Civil War »

This site is loaded with information for individuals who would like to find how Jewish-Americans took part in the American Civil War.

Quantum Virtual Tours »

Quantum Tours presents brief Virtual Around Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski, and Fort McAllister.

Project Gutenberg »

This site provides use of a large number of books which have been digitized so they might be utilized digitally.  It’s a great source of individuals who may not need books in publications.

Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Set of the country’s Civil War Battlefield »

Congress established the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission in 1991 to recognize the most important lands connected using the Civil War and also to evaluate their condition and then any threats for their upkeep. This report, printed in 1993, forms the foundation from the Civil War Trust’s battlefield upkeep efforts.

Fight Summaries from Civil War Sites Commission Report »

Status Set of the Upkeep from the Nation’s Principal Civil War Battlefields »

The American Battlefield Protection Program lately issued this overview of the status from the 384 Civil War battlefields the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission identified in 1993 as threatened by development.

Travel Guide Directory for Military Personnel and Families »

Emerald Vacations includes a Travel Guide Directory for Military Personnel and Families that lists sources for savings provided by airlines, accommodations and restaurants all over the world.



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