Select a license

Select a license panel will

The “Selected License” panel displays details about the license

which was described within the “License Features” panel. Altering the within the

“License Features” panel will update the data displayed here.

Approved free of charge Cultural Works

When the selected license offers the freedoms needed of the free culture license,

then your “Approved free of charge Cultural Works” icon seems about this panel. This

feature is supposed to help you in creating a more informed decision.

NonCommercial and NoDerivatives licenses include additional limitations

which, obviously, prevent them from being considered free culture licenses.

While our non-free culture licenses are helpful particularly conditions, unintended

effects may end up using their use (for example license incompatibility).

For instance, a piece that’s underneath the license “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike”

might not be coupled with a piece licensed “Attribution-ShareAlike” because putting

the resulting work under either license violates another by

adding or taking out the NonCommercial restriction.

Select a license real life illustration of license

A real life illustration of license incompatibility: Works together with the NonCommercial

or even the NoDerivatives restriction might not be published to Wikipedia. is a superb resource about free culture.

The disposable culture definition

and allowable limitations

pages are excellent beginning points for more learning.


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