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The Usersnap Chrome extension enables you to capture and annotate any web site directly inside your browser. It’s super-simple to provide feedback on prototypes or report bugs with this particular Chrome extension. And all sorts of produced screenshots are directly kept in any project dashboard.

usersnap chrome extensions for developers

2. Webmaster

The net developer extension for Chrome adds just a little toolbar with various tools available. Certainly probably the most helpful Chrome extensions for developers.

web developer chrome extensions for developers

Link: Webmaster extension.

Link: Usersnap

3. Responsive Website Design Tester

The Responsive Website Design Tester is a superb Chrome extension to get a fast look the way your website behaves in various browsers and devices.

responsive web design testing with chrome extensions for developers

Link: Responsive Website Design Tester

4. Window Resizer

Your Window Resizer extension enables you to re-size your browser window quickly. Hitting the icon within the menu bar creates a drop lower menu of window sizes which you’ll personalize.

window resizer chrome extensions for developers

Link: Window Resizer

5. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is a straightforward color picker tool that enables you to decide color values from the web site.

color picker chrome extensions for developers

Link: ColorPick Eyedropper

6. CSSViewer

CSSViewer is a straightforward CSS property viewer. It possesses a floating panel that reports around the identity from the section the mouse has ended, and its font, text, color, background, box, positioning and effects attributes. CSSViewer provided the fundamental CSS important information rapidly. Make certain to set up this Chrome extension.

css viewer chrome extensions for developers

Link: CSS Viewer

7. Lorem Ipsum generator

The lorem ipsum generator does what it’s name states. It offers an quick and easy method to create default text. Certainly, this can be a quick win if you want some default text like a placeholder.

lorem ipsum chrome extensions for developers

Link: Lorem Ipsum Generator

8. Ghostery

Ghostery is a superb Chrome extension which detects trackers, pixels, and then any other embedded snippet online. You instantly see which plugins and trackers were installed on the site you’ve visited. Further on, Ghostery enables you to safeguard your privacy. There isn’t any registration or register needed to make use of this Chrome extension.

ghostery chrome extensions for developers

Link: Ghostery

9. Wappalyzer

Much like Ghostery, the Wappalyzer Chrome extension enables you to identify software that is a component of any particular website. It uncovers technologies and. cms, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks and installed analytics tools.

wappalyzer chrome extensions for developers

Link: Wappalyzer

10. IE Tab

In have to do some manual IE testing and shouldn’t install all type of different Ie versions? Browse the IE Tab extension for Chrome which emulates IE using the IE rendering engine directly in Chrome. You can look at your site for IE6, IE7, IE8 or IE9 directly inside your chrome browser.

Regrettably, the IE Tab Chrome extension is just readily available for Home windows right now.

ie tab chrome extensions for developers

Link: IE Tab

usersnap track for feedback and bug reports

11. Site Spider

If you want to find damaged links in your site and wish to restrict spidering to some specific directory you’ll need Site Spider.

site spider chrome extensions for developers

Link: Site Spider

12. Session Manager

When you are working on the internet, browser tabs management is a superb skill. Session Manager is the Chrome extension to visit. It saves your browsing condition and enables you to re-open the session later. It’s particularly helpful when you are opening exactly the same webpages again and again.

session manager chrome extensions for developers

Link: Session Manager

13. Obvious Cache

This very helpful Chrome extension enables you to definitely obvious your cache in the toolbar. It really works “behind-the-scenes” meaning there aren’t any popups or confirmation dialogs to draw attention away from you. It’s customizable when it comes to just how much data you need to obvious, including application cache, downloads, file systems, form data, history, local storage, passwords plus much more.

clear cache chrome extensions for developers

Link: Obvious Cache

14. JSONView

Like a developer dealing with RESTful APIs, studying raw JSON data on the browser can be very awkward. It’s much simpler to see JSON in tree-view, instead of its raw condition. The Chrome extension JSONView can help you view JSON documents within the browser.

json viewer chrome extensions for developers

Link: JSON Viewer

15. Image Downloader

Have to download some images from the website? I’d recommend considering the look Downloader for Chrome. It enables you to bulk download all images. You may also filter pictures of an internet page by width, height, URL.

image downloader chrome extensions for developers

Link: Image Downloader

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