You simply need 10 html tags


Creating Bold & Italic Words

Let us begin with something common. Creating bold and italic words. Open the instance document in the first tutorial – example1.doc inside your favorite word processor (Ms Word or any other). Go on and create a couple bold words inside your sentences making a couple of italic words too. You know how to get this done. Your document need to look something similar to the instance below:


As you can tell, I've produced 3 bold words and a pair of italic words within our document. the HTML tags for bold and italic are extremely memorable. Make use of the tag for bold, and employ the tag for italic. The next thing is to include our HTML tags towards the document round the bold and italic words. Your document need to look such as the example below:


Open your website.html file in the last tutorial inside your favorite text editor (Notepad for Home windows & TextEdit if you work with a Mac). Copy all of the content out of your example1.doc document and switch the content inside your website.html file. Save this file and open it up inside your internet browser by double clicking it. It ought to look something similar to the instance below:


Right now, you ought to be getting pretty acquainted with making use of your text editor (NotePad or TextEdit). To any extent further, we will do all of our examples directly within the text editor rather of copy and pasting our content both to and from your word processor.

Links are among the key to any web site. You've most likely visited thousands of links as you've browsed the web. Links are simpler to produce than you believe. We are able to create links (hyperlinks or "anchors") using the HTML tag. Let us give a line to the website.html file like line #9 within the example below:

My First Web Site

Headings Are Wonderful Fun

This really is my first paragraph within my new website. This will probably be great. I'm so excited I'm able to hardly contain myself. Not really adore sentences? I've found them very helpful.

Webpages Are Great Too

Yes, you heard right – webpages could be an enjoyable experience. Finding out how to create webpages is simple and entertaining. This really is my second paragraph. I think you'll enjoy it.

Connect to Google

After you have added the hyperlink HTML for your website.html file, save your valuable file.

To see the alterations that you simply designed to your website, you are able to click on the "refresh" button in your internet browser. Or press CONTROL + R (Home windows) or CMND + R (Mac). This can "refresh" the vista of the web site within the browser and you'll be capable of seeing the brand new changes. You'll be carrying this out a great deal while you make changes to your website.

Despite the fact that we added tags round the words "Connect to Google", we did not really tell our link what to do. So, the hyperlink within our example is going to do nothing. Don't be concerned, we are able to fix that with the addition of a bit more information to the tag. We are able to personalize HTML tags and give them more details by utilizing attributes. To create our connect to google work, we have to add a characteristic using the address of the site we would like our link to visit. See the example below:

Connect to Google

Add some attribute for your tag inside your website.html file such as the example above. Save your valuable file and refresh your internet browser. You need to visit a connect to google at the end from the page. Go on and click it! Congratulations, at this point you understand how to make links! You are able to wrap any word inside your web site in "anchor" tags and make up a link. You may make links to the website on the web. You can include as numerous links as you desire. Experiment enjoy yourself. Happen to be on the right path to just as one expert at dealing with HTML.


Creating Lists

We will learn to make a list. We will produce a bulleted list. You're most likely very acquainted with bulleted lists such as the example below:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Oranges
  • Grapes

Inside your website.html file, type a summary of fruits such as the example above. Next we will turn our plain text listing of fruits right into a real HTML list. The HTML

  • tag is perfect for creating "list products". We will surround the items on the list in tags. The next thing is to surround our listing of products using the HTML tag. The "Unordered List" tag groups all of our list products together in one list. Stick to the example below:


    • Apples
    • Bananas
    • Pears
    • Oranges
    • Grapes

    Save your valuable website.html file and refresh your internet browser. You ought to be seeing something similar to the look below:


    Creating Blockquotes

    The HTML tag is actually easy. It's for creating quotes around the page – anything. Why so much interest? Well, it is good to make use of within an article if you need to quote another person or someone's writing or and excerpt or client testimonials or simply common quotes generally. You know how you can wrap quite happy with HTML tags which aren't any different. Begin to see the example blow:

    “A designer knows he's achieved perfection not when there's nothing left to include, however when there's nothing left to remove.Inches

    Saint Exupery “A designer knows he's achieved perfection not when there's nothing left to include, however when there's nothing left to remove.Inches – Saint Exupery

    Produce a blockquote inside your website.html file and reserve it. Refresh your internet browser – there you have it! You've just mastered the HTML blockquote tag. (pretty easy stuff is not it.)

    Creating Horizontal Rules

    The HTML horizontal rule

    tag is a method to produce a burglary your internet page content and draw a line over the page. Unlike another tags you've learned, the horizontal tag doesn't have a wide open an closing tag and doesn't cover content. You might have observed this tag includes a / forward slash inside it right before the closing angled bracket. This really is known as a self–closing tag. See the example below:


    Horizontal rules are an easy way to split an internet page. Go on and add an

    tag for your website.html file, reserve it and refresh your internet browser to see the outcomes.


    Using Images

    Most webpages on the web have some form of image content around the page. Images in HTML are simple to use. Similar to the

    tag, the HTML image tag is self-closing and doesn't possess a closing tag. See the example below:


    Similar to the tag (for creating links), the HTML tag needs a characteristic to inform it what image to exhibit in your web site. See the example below:

    src="C:/content/anci/img/" This area of the image tag – the attribute, states this image tag includes a source (src) of img/ Now we want a JPEG image named img/ You may make a picture with this name, or else you will visit a img/ image incorporated within the example files with this tutorial.

    Put the img/ file within the same folder/directory on your pc as the website.html file. Add some HTML tag to your website such as the example above. Reserve it, refresh your internet browser and examine the outcomes. You ought to be seeing something similar to the instance below:


    Congratulations! You simply learned how you can add images to your website. There's a great deal that you can do with images, like wrapping text around them, resizing them, adding borders for them, etc. Don't be concerned, I will demonstrate how you can do everything inside a later tutorial. For the time being, all we wanted to understand was how you can put a picture within our web site – and you've got found that. Congrats!

    You simply get one more tag to understand and you'll understand all the most significant HTML tags you will find to understand. Happen to be on the right path to just as one HTML expert. Approach to take!

    HTML Divisions

    I saved this last HTML tag for continue for grounds. This tag is like another HTML tags you've just learned. In many ways, it's as being a paragraph tag. The main difference with this particular HTML Resourse:

HTML and CSS Beginner Tutorial 3 : HTML Text Formatting Tags