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The significance of Article Promotion through Search Engines Like Google:

  • Over 70% of internet researchers will appear at and then click a natural listing (around the left) before hitting an marketed listing (around the right).
  • Over 80% will read an expertly written article about a service or product before studying the items in an internet site.
  • Over 90% of internet shoppers will trust a 3rd party written article about a service or product before they’ll trust the items in a products website.

Within our Article Promotion Programs we produce Well-written Internet Search Engine Enhanced (Search engine optimization) Articles and/or Press Announcements regarding your business, products and/or services which are initially printed in a number of our Authority Rated High Priority Online Magazines after which distributed across our network in excess of 300+ Internet Publishers, Search Engines Like Google, RSS Syndicators and content partners.

Your printed Content is well-written to make use of some very extensive research for Internet Search Engine Enhanced key-words and key-phrases with wealthy-text anchor links that time directly aimed at your website in order to specifically designed squeeze pages. These Enhanced Content is rapidly and effectively spidered by Search Engines Like Google as highly desirable content, particularly if presented by an expert Website having a high Priority Rating like our magazines. With these custom authored Articles we be capable of provide your website an initial Page Listing Position exposure using your well-written articles within ten days GUARANTEED individuals pay practically nothing.

You don’t have anything to get rid of – aside from a #1 First Page Ranking Listing on the internet along with other Search Engines Like Google!

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