6 completely, 100 % useless websites

fly a line

This is a website where a line follows your mouse and also the most that you can do by using it is make spirals. It’s both very boring and sort of addicting. At points, transpire grew to become to help make the longest spiral I possibly could make, but after an hour or so of watching this shoe lace string fly around and around and around, I threw in the towel.

5. Bread fish

bread fish

Visually, this website is only a constant loop of fish who appear to reside inside bread, however the song that plays, “The Bread Fish Theme Song” (I’m guessing), is magic. It is going something like, “Tell me, have you ever seen the marvelous bread fish? Swimming within the sea waters …” That plays again and again and also over and that’s it that’s the whole of the website. Truly amazing.



A lot like Nyan Cat, this website features an excellent appealing little tune that plays within the pictures of dogs. This website may serve no purpose at basically it’s really damn cute.

3. Killer Whale

killer whale

This website features a killer whale who’ll follow your mouse. That’s all it will! I am talking about, I suppose maybe this can serve an objective Eventually, however i can’t imagine what for. There is no music or anything. WEBSITE, What’s Your Own Personal Purpose?!

2. Eel Slap

Eel Slap

Move your cursor over this man’s face and he’ll be slapped by having an eel. It is extremely entertaining, very satisfying, and absolutely without purpose. You decide to go, eel slap, you decide to go.

1. Ducks are the most useful


Using the background constantly altering color, your cursor leaves ducks behind. Rely on them to go into detail words or cover the whole screen in ducks. I selected to go into detail “hello”. Clearly, the web site URL is true: ducks are the most useful.


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