5 cliche emblem design trends to prevent


I can’t let you know the number of logos I have seen apply certain variant of the idea within the last 10 years. In concept, the concept isn’t a poor one. The arc signifies progress, movement, soaring within the competition it’s an excellent symbol. However, it’s so overused in nearly exactly the same method in which it’s nearly impossible to include something similar to this right into a emblem and keep any semblance of the unique identity.

When you are enticed to make use of an arc that appears such as the one above, attempt to consider the best way to drastically alter the visual translation from the ideas you’re attempting to represent. Surely you are able to think of a couple of different ways to represent progress. As designers, this will be our job: tying complex concepts into attractive and relatable visuals, not merely repeating ideas that you’ve seen millions of occasions.



Listen, we have all tried it so don’t bother denying it. At some point you’ve typed out a business name in Helvetica and thought “looks just like a emblem in my experience!Inches The issue here’s that people completely forget exactly what a emblem is about, when i just ranted about within the opening sentences. Simply because something is of interest doesn’t mean it can make a great emblem. That’s an essential concept so write it lower in bold letters inside your emblem sketchbook.

Helvetica is a superb typeface. I personally use it constantly and am definitely not in league using the anti-Helvetica crowd. Everything type enthusiasts say relating to this typeface holds true: it’s versatile and neat and works perfect like a blank slate that you could project ideas onto. However, without some major help, it will make which are more cliché emblem imaginable. I am not saying that you ought to never use Helvetica inside a emblem, just make certain that whenever you need to do, you’ve some really unique visuals to support it.

I’ll keep reminding you from the Gap fiasco each time I’m able to since it can serve as an essential lesson in which a brand attempted to “update” their legendary look having a fresh emblem. The end result would be a disaster and brought to days of public embarrassment (and strangely enough the positive consequence of everybody realizing they love that old emblem).


Not Only Helvetica

While we’re about them, bear in mind this idea doesn’t only affect Helvetica. There are many other typefaces which are just like cliché or worse. I believe the designer’s rule for implementing Papyrus ought to be somewhere like, “only make use of this in case your computer just two fonts and yet another is Comic Sans.”


Random Colored Dots

It is really an odd one which I’ve been seeing lots of in emblem galleries recently. It isn’t particularly attractive or appealing and frequently reflects a lazy make an effort to represent diversity. It’s kind of just like a bad re-imagining of the Wonderbread bag.

Some designers get particularly creative and really take time to arrange the dots right into a symmetrical pattern, but it makes sense frequently just like generic and uninspired:


This is here’s so vague that it is lost. Further, you just can’t circumvent the concept that you’ve seen this exact idea on the million other logos. It’s time for you to allow the colored dots go. Instead of beginning with a few simple vector shapes in Illustrator, why don’t you grab a pencil and spend a good hour sketching out every idea that you could develop? Believe me, in the finish from the exercise you’ll realize it had become worth the energy.

Chat Bubble Logos


Four from every ten logos produced for social networking sites have chat bubbles inside them. I simply composed that statistic off the top of the my mind but you will find days after i would swear it had been true.

Once more, there exists a indisputable fact that there’s nothing inherently wrong with. A chat bubble is in lots of ways a great way to represent social networking. Also, it’s a great factor whenever you find an emblem that immediately relates your concept. However, like a unique brand identifier, it’s not a simple element to leverage with no result that appears like anything else available on the market.

Do you need chat bubbles inside your emblem? Go ahead and. However, take time to test out the best way to take this overused symbol to a different place.

The Double Letter Overlap


As the chat bubble is a reasonably recent phenomenon that came about because of social networking, this emblem trend goes back several decades. Actually, as lengthy his or her happen to be law practice logos, this concept continues to be going strong.

You can use it with just about any two capital letters but when you possess a double “L” you are able to bet a nice income this idea will pop to your mind. My advice: resist it with everything else in your soul. It’s completely generic and is actually the initial concept that numerous non-designers would go to in cases like this. Given that you simply do this as a living, I understand you are able to develop something just a little better.

Watch a Theme?

Have a look in the cliché emblem ideas that people just went over. Notice anything similar about these? The reply is that they’re all quite simple to duplicate. The issue with lots of designers isn’t that they aren’t able to picking out great ideas, it’s that they’re too lazy and have a tendency to operate using the idea that’s quickest to use. Contrast this concept with something similar to the Starbucks emblem:


This can be a really cool emblem that feels and looks fantastic. The custom illustration uses beautiful symmetry and repetition and also the siren is not a cliché icon. Ripping from the logos above would take any designer 10 mins or fewer. Mimicking this concept is a lot more difficult. Admittedly, this isn’t always the situation with strong logos, the Nike swoosh can readily be attracted by twelve years old having a paint program.

However, the moral here’s that when you end up with the aim of creating a strong brand icon that’s completely own-able, try really investing some solid time to your creation. The possibilities that while you take more time tweaking and refining your idea, the greater unique it is.

What Cliché Emblem Ideas Have You Ever Seen?

Since you’ve seen my top 5 cliché emblem trends, it’s time to join the conversation. Recently, what are the emblem ideas that you’ve seen observed that appear to obtain selected up and used again and again? Tell us on Twitter @designshack!

Also make sure to tell us if you are responsible for replicating the trends above. Never be ashamed, we have all develop as well as used horribly generic ideas therefore we may as well all laugh about this and gain knowledge from the comedy from the situation.

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